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Re: [DMCForum] Re: Smoking Monte Carlos

Note to Europeans: American southernisms contained herein.

All this talk about torque and horsepower has me so confused I don't
know whether to wind my ass or scratch my watch.

No, I don't smoke anybody at a stoplight. Never have. I was being
facetious. I rarely put the accelerator pedal anywhere near the floor in
that truck, and I never did it in the Duster. I never have the need to
get going that quickly.

Well, wait ... I can't say NEVER ... it WAS handy to go from 0 to 70
quickly when that dumptruck broke down right in front of me in the
acceleration lane yesterday. ;P

Still, I can't justify consistently driving like a jackrabbit. Why get
150 miles to the tank when I can 300+? I might as well just light my cash.

I'm not planning on getting a DeLorean for speed. That, as they say, has
nothing to do with the price oftea in China. I'm planning on getting it
because it's fun and looks unlike anything else on the road. Let the
other guys pay Houston $5000 for upgrades, buy chunkier airboxes, bypass
the catalytic converter, strap turbochargers and superchargers on, drop
in Chevy 350s and Cadillac Northstar engines. They can pay all the money
they want to and end up with a car that'll go faster than a bell clapper
in a goose's ass. Some guys wouldn't be happy if Jesus handed them a
hundred dollar bill.

Personally, I'll be quite content with the stock engine. Hell, I'll be
happier than a dog with two peckers just to finally GET the damn thing!


content22207 wrote:
> Bad news Farrar -- some cars simply have more powerful drive trains
> than others (and you're looking to buy an AUTOMATIC? To smoke people
> at the stoplight?)
> The PRV is a fairly torquey little engine. Why don't you meet the
> competition on a hill? Slightly larger displacement and taller gear
> ratios could give you an advantage there. Louie and I easily smoked
> some rice burners on a grade going to SEDOC.
> If it's General Motors products you're concerned about, don't even
> worry about racing. They will self destruct of their own accord soon
> enough.
> Bill Robertson
> #5939

>>--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Farrar Hudkins <fhudkins@xxxx> wrote:
>>Thanks, John. The phrase "highest torque range" should perk up Bill's
>>ears and I await to hear from him on the subject. ;)
>>That progressive shifting bit sounds tricky, though. From what little I
>>know of manual trannys, you could end up stalling out. Isn't that
> called
>>"lugging" the engine?
>>Anybody ever tried this method of shifting?
>>Correction: Anybody ever tried this method of shifting in their
>>DeLorean? :) Sounds like it would be a great way of decreasing your
>>acceleration time so you could start beating those pesky Chevy Monte
>>Carlos off the light.
>>*awaits flames from Chevy owners*
>>John Dore wrote:
>>>My dealer suggests I use progressive shifting to improve my fuel
>>>economy ... what is it?
>>>Shift keeping rpm to a minimum and use only enough rpm to pick up the
>>>next gear. Progressive shifting also reduces acceleration time, and
>>>top gear is reached sooner because it takes less time to synchronize
>>>gears during shifting and the engine is operating at its highest
>>>torque range.

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