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Re: [DMCForum] Re: The "Village Idiot" Returns

On Sat, 24 Jan 2004 15:43:10 -0000 "cruznmd" <racuti1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> True, but sometimes people lean harder on Bill for it than others.
> Jim sent him and me some mail on the subject.

I can only assume you're talking about someone besides me, as I have
never emailed either of you directly.  I have REPLIED to email sent from
both of you, but that's not what you said or implied. 

I said the same thing to both of you, which I will post again here,
regardless of the fact that Bill inappropriately did anyways.

I never said CIS couldn't stand for constant idle speed, just that it was
very unlikely that when talking about "BOSCH K-Jetronics CIS fuel
injection system", it has anything to do with idle speed.  What does idle
speed have to do with fuel injection?

I asked Bill the same question, which he has not responded to except by
posting some rant, YET AGAIN with some evading point. 

Rich says that Bill was "Just pointing out what the acronyms mean
according to lit that he bought ...", which is absolutely WRONG. 

Bill wrote to the DML saying that CIS = "continuous injection system" is

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE.  It CAN stand for Continuous Injection System,
and is even specified as such in the Delorean Manual!  A correct comment
on the DML would have read "Some volvo literature says that "CIS" refers
to the idle speed system and "CI" refers to the continuous injection

I looked at Bill's amazing volvo pictures, and nowhere do i see anything
relating Bill's constant idle speed system acronym as used as an
adjective describing the k-jetronics. 


Bill, I don't care what message board you go on; if you start spouting
misinformation I WILL say something.  You have received more flames while
posting to the DML only because there are more people there that know
better and are concerned about the "information" you spread.  If you
continue to post "information" like this there, I can guarantee the same
results again and again.

> I think all Bill was trying to say was that in -some- contexts, in -
> some- literature, CIS refers to the idle system, not the fuel
> injection system. People promptly crashed on him for it, (not just
> Jim) and so he posted written documentation to prove it. I've read
> it.
> Some people jumped on him for offering engine advice without reading
> any literature. So he went out and bought some good books from Ebay.
> Then people blasted him for "waiting so long" to buy them. If you
> want names, I can name names. Ya can't satisfy some folks.
> He wasn't trying to say that the idle system has anything to do with
> the fuel injection system. Just pointing out what the acronyms mean
> according to lit that he bought on the advice of people on the list.
> Many of us modify our D's in non-standard ways. Bill's setup is
> unique. Doubtless people think his way is not "right" or "good".
> I've
> seen Andrei's car. He has a totally different fuel pump which
> resides -outside- of the tank. He runs a different type of fuel
> filter too. No one is jumping him for his techniques. Is it because
> he's an engineer and Bill works for the railroad? Both of them do
> things to their car that I refuse to do to mine. Mostly for
> historical reasons.
> Who the hell cares? In my opinion, Bill's only offense is that he -
> takes- offense. I get flame mail all the time. I delete it. I also
> get "thank you's" all the time from people I help.
> I suspect when we all meet in Ft. Myers people will look at Bill's
> engine and say " that's why you did that." Verbal and
> written communication suck sometimes. Seeing helps a lot.
> Sorry for being long-winded.
> Rich A.

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