Re: [DML] Is DMCH in trouble?
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Re: [DML] Is DMCH in trouble?

I doubt there was any government thought given to suppressing an 'up and comer' with a new automotive moonshot. I think the sting was some drug enforcement stooges performing a dumb "War on Drugs" enforcement exercise as directed by their bureaucrat bosses intent on making a name for themselves. John was just someone with a good and well known name that could make headlines; he got sloppy from being pushed to his physical limits. No one in the DEA cared about John as a person or the consequences of their deceptions. It's easy to fall into the trap because the perps work hard to disguise the warning signs. Government types live in a world of deception and trickery and have no respect for the blood sweat and tears expended to actually build something. John was a straight up guy trying to do great things. He was quite vulnerable as he was not a bad guy and didn't think like the bad guys. Damn Shame and so pointless. Maybe we should form a class action suit and sue the bloody government for what it did to dent all our dreams (not to mention killing John). Nothing good was accomplished at the time and here we are today still struggling with the consequences of a failed government sting operation.

On 01/13/2015 12:12 PM, MICHAEL W TOWNSLEY michaeltownsley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [dmcnews] wrote:
IMO John Delorean's financial success or the lack there of may have been thwarted through the heavy handed manipulation of government agencies by forces or influences who did not want to see a precedent develop whereby talented high level auto industry executives leave their legacy marks to start up innovative ventures which could compete with the industry as it was established at that time.

On Tuesday, January 13, 2015 1:21 PM, "Peter Lucas lucas@xxxxxxxx [dmcnews]" <dmcnews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You don’t get compensated for “brilliance”, you get compensated for success.  The DMC was arguably brilliant. It certainly was not a success.

On Jan 13, 2015, at 6:35 AM, MICHAEL W TOWNSLEY michaeltownsley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [dmcnews] <dmcnews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

SInce John Delorean IMO was never properly compensated for the brilliance of the DMC 12 design I am empathetic with Mrs. Delorean's suit as any legitimate conveyance of an agreement to use John Delorean's cache re his name, designs, etc, would have likely provided for some form of royalty payments going forward.

On Sunday, January 11, 2015 4:38 AM, "cbl302@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [dmcnews]" <dmcnews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The one and ONLY vendor or business to really have THE RIGHT to keep using the DMC Logo and anything else DMC related was PJ Grady since he(or his father) PAID DMC and JZD 50K and signed a contract for the right to use the logo(and the trademark) and anything else delorean (or whatever amount he asked for) to be able to run and sell deloreans and who is STILL in business in the Delorean far as I know DMCH gave not a cent to JZD but only SWEET-TALKED JZD into a Sweet-heart trademark deal.Since they had the lions share of the inventory of parts they assumed they could strong-arm everyone else who dared question their right to the DMC logo or any form of the trademark.

just my 2 cents


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As much as I have appreciated Steve's contribution to the DeLorean community, I have always had issue with them claiming that they have the right to license the trademark.

I have no issue with them using it, but they have repeatedly tried to insinuate that everything that was once DMC belongs to DMCH including intellectual property. DMCH is not DMC.

As far as I know all the trademarks and intellectual property of the Delorean Motor Company are public domain at this point.


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I was always under the belief that protecting the name was pretty important to Steve and he and JZD were close. Considering all of the BS labels put on the Delorean name when it all fell apart and all of the work he and James and the rest have done to bring the car and brand back to respectability speaks volumes to me. But then again, I am not a lawyer and I guess it comes down to whatever arrangement Steve and John had and what can be proven. 


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From what I've read the DMC logo was not abandoned but "dead". That means it cannot be brought back and registered again and while you can use it if you'd like, you can't use it for profit. 
I might be wrong though but the fact is that if you look up the original DMC logo it is listed as "dead".

And even if all she wants is a piece of the $$$ pie I don't blame her. Wouldn't you do the same? On the other hand I'd like to believe that she might want to protect the name of John. And what he has created.


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I remember way back in the DML the discussion about the DMC logo trademark having been abandoned. Does that not open the door for anyone to use it freely? If that is truly the case I do not see how she can prevent its use. Also I don't think DMCH had much to do with the Hot Wheels toy other than perhaps supplying a car for them to use for the model so where would their problem be simply selling those? Considering how long DMC merchandise has been flowing freely - some while JZD was still around - I cannot see how she can suddenly start complaining other than because she sees the potential $$$ going right past her. I also wonder how Kathryn feels about all of this.



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True, it's old news, but DMCH has been marketing the DMC logo and the DeLorean name more than ever before; what with the Hot Wheels cars, bicycles, and all the other crap. I can see how that changes the situation. Before it was just selling parts and continuing his dream, but now it's a business of selling merchandice with the DeLorean name and logo for profit. If I had the rights to the name, I'd be upset, too.

Chad K.

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