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RE: [doc] Re: Auto Gearbox oil

Mine seemed to take loads - but the sump was off for a long while and it
seems to continue dripping forever, so I reckon the longer it's been off,
the more you need to fill up.  I filled mine to the level, started up, and
it all disapeared into the upper reaches of the gearbox, and the indicated
level dropped again, so I had to top it up again another twice.  It all
sorted itself out in the end, although re-sealing the sump was tricky - I
had to hermatite it in the end, and especially the seal at the end of the
filler neck which is quite awkward.

Got there in the end though, although if the level drops, you need to top it
back up again or the car is slow off the line - something to do with the
hydraulic pump having to build pressure up or something.

It did use almost 5L in the end, but there was quite a bit of loss

Good luck,

Rich Hanlon

>From: "Mike Bosworth" <mike.bosworth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: [doc] Re: Auto Gearbox oil
>Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2005 14:57:44 -0000
>Hi Paul
>5 litres? ... eek! seems a little full at that :) ... i know on the 2
>Autos i have worked on recently that they both held roughly 2.5
>litres ( ie the 5 litre containers were half full:) ) so i would say
>you are about there.   Its really good how the workshop or even the
>car manual doesnt tell you how much is needed :)
>Obviously check the dip stick when its hot as well as cold for the
>levels, on both we filled them at cold a 'tad' above the cold fill
>line , and wrote on my manual how much we used.
>you can soon tell if there is enough in there the car wont want to
>accelerate :)
>Are you replacing your Final drive oil/ Gear oil 1.6 litres approx
>is needed for that. Remove the top fill plug first, just in case it
>wont budge after you have drained it down from the bottom one.
>Refill back up to the top fill plug.
>Changing the fluids and filter made a marked improvement on the
>shifting on my car, let us know how it effects yours.
>Hope this helps fellow minority auto owner :)
>--- In doc-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Paul" <aqzj73@xxxx> wrote:
> > Anyone kn ow off hand how much Dextron III it takes to fill the
>auto tranny?
> > My levels did look a litlle high before draining.
> > Ive drained off 5Litres (With the sump and filter removed) but,
> > re-filling, the levels look about right only after adding 2.5
> > Any ideas anyone?
> >
> > Paul Birks DOC298
> > BAKNTIM Vin#0981

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