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[DMCForum] Re: Going totally electric powered

> Do you have a prototype or proof-of-concept for this?

Yeah, but still working the bugs out.

> What kind of 
> scale are we talking for the final product.

The whole device would fit neatly where the DeLorean fuel tank goes, 
but it may also have to take most of the spare tire area.  When (if) 
I get it running strong enough then I expect to be able to draw an 
arc a meter across.  Put two of those poles from the first BTTF movie 
on the back of the car like a pair of rabbit ears and it would make a 
cool Jacob's ladder.  But the rods would probably melt.  I would have 
to make them out of solid tungsten likely or it would melt too quick 
that way.

> What drives the spinning 
> motion?

A regular electric motor.

> Won't heat/friction be a problem?

No.  It is a cold sort of star.  I am only unwinding simple 
hydrogen.  If it used higher order matter then this matter would have 
to first absorb much energy.  Then when it finally unwinds/pops, that 
could get messy making the interior of the reaction vessel hot and 
contaminate it with lasting radioactivity.  Dont want to get that 
complex without some other scientist's opinions. Give it only 
hydrogen and then there is never a problem.

> How do you feed the hydrogen 
> gas into the system?

Fill a glass mason jar with it.  (Sorry, I know that sounds terrible, 
but some of it is made from cut down front DeLorean brake rotors.) In 
another part I used wire scarfed from old OEM relays.  It was too 
much trouble finding that kind of fine wire anywhere else when I was 
sitting on a pile of junk relays.  BTW, those damn relays when 
powered with 12 volts will nearly melt the wire.  That really 
confused one of my experiments because I assumed (make an ass of u & 
me) that whoever designed the relay ohmed it out right so that it 
could be powered on 12 volts indefinately without catching fire.  I 
ended up melting a bunch of plastic, but in the process I confirmed 
an interesting way to condense water from atmospheric air.  Just fill 
a test tube with your breath humid enough to make it moist but not 
wet enough to accumulate fog on the glass inside.  Then expose the 
test tube (sealed) to a coil of wire powered with DC voltage as an 
electromagnet.  The air will condense every time.  That spooked me 
the first time I saw it happen.  This is only a test tube full of 
moist air placed inside the equivelant of a door lock solenoid 
powered with 12 volts.  And the humididy drops right out.  Remove it 
from the field and it evaporates again.  Then repeat.  I think this 
might be another discovery I made, but I'm not sure if someone else 
has discovered that one first.  There all all kinds of issues with 
plagerism and people stealing each other's discoveries that I dont 
need to lay claim to one as lame as this.  However, it looks like a 
possible patent for producing water while on a camping trip in the 
dessert or wherever.

> What about safety? :)

Personally, I have a death wish.  I would like nothing better than to 
escape life blamelessly.  Like for instance while taking a shower 
between e-mails, a damn mosquito bit me twice on my ass and once on 
my shoulder.  I never did swat the sucker.  Life is not fair.  I 
deeply resent having to eat bloody things to stay alive while other 
things are continually trying to eat my blood.  I want no part of 
it.  But here I am stuck.  Suicide is not an option.  I'm already in 
enough trouble for other reasons.  I dont need to add killing myself 
to all of the impending punishment that I could be in for in the next 
life or whatever.

> What about the anti-gravity and time effects produced by this 
device?  I 
> would assume that you'd keep the "bubble" small, but would it 
> the car any?

It makes a sort of hurricane-like vortex in the air.  Hold a ring of 
metal near it, and the ring gets hot.  But that is only a problem 
with strong circulating fields.  Keep it weak and there is not an 
issue.  The only problem is that you have to spin up a weak field 
faster to get the same effect.

But a stronger field makes everything near it weigh nothing.  This is 
likely (I know it is but cant prove it) the same technology used to 
build the paramyds, etc.  There is much lost ancient knowledge.  But 
this was over with long before I was born and I suppose the devices 
they had then had been used to make other things by now.  If you 
lived in a primative time and didnt know a thing about electricity 
then you would hardly know the difference between a piece of stiff 
rope or an insulated conducting wire.  What do you think all of those 
ancient clay jar batteries were for?  Portable CD players?  Dashed to 
pieces, they are.

> > I dont.  Iron becomes a room temperature superconductor.
> Please elaborate. :)

It is possible to have an iron ring that has the strong nuclear force 
circulating along with electricity.  The ring behaves like a mono-
conductor of looped wire.  This turns the soft iron ring into a 
strong electromagnet.  Break the ring, and you get a spark.  Or make 
the ring out of a coil of wire.  Hold it near a morning star reaction 
and superconducting force will be induced into the wire.  It will 
stay in the wire indefinately until you open the circuit.  As long as 
it is circulating in the wire or ring then you can stick the whole 
thing to steel like a refrigerator magnet.  Open the circuit, you get 
a spark, and the thing is no longer a magnet.
> Very entertaining, even if lacking in backing info.

What backing info?  Okay, it would be bad to explain all of it 
because then anyone could use it as a tokomac cyclotron (I know I'm 
spelling it wrong.  It's a Russian cold war era device.) to make 
radioactive materials.  I would never let that knowlegde out.  We 
already have too much toxic waste loose on the planet. 

> Trim your long, rambling posts, damn it! :)

Words, words.  I prefer to think in pictures.  I hate audio except 
for acid rock & techno stuff.  Okay, folk music can be good to and 
classical -- just dont require me to make sense of the words.


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