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RE: [DMCForum] Re: Sirius radio..

Same thing.  I usually listen to Super Shuffle, Ch7, Ch8, Ch9, (70's 80's
90's), and Classic Vinyl and Classic Rewind.  Then some Hair Nation for a
mix.  Nothing like some Warrant to pump you back up after Barry Manilow's

Jack Stiefel - Tampa, Fl
DMC Vin 03461 1981 Grey 5 speed
DMC Vin 16879 1983 Black 5 speed

Yeah I got one--

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XM also claims to have a much larger library, which is true because they
play a lot of B-sides and crap that no one has ever heard of, and a lot of
unsigned bands.
I used to surf and surf on XM looking for something worth a crap.
Basically, I like the music on regular radio except I want it without
commercials and censorship.
- VB

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>My Ram has it built into the GPS radio (12.00/mo), I also have it in my
>fathers Ram GPS (5.00 or so), and one in the H2 to contrast XM (wife hates
>XM and won't listen to it (5.00 or so).  Sirius and XM offer a family plan
>for around 5 bucks or so you can add more receivers.
>Or buy a small FM transmitter and run it into your home unit and be your
>station :)
>Where XM has Sirius beat with subscriptions is as follows:
>I buy a new GM vehicle.  It comes with XM built in with a 3 month free
>service.  That counts as a new subscriber for XM... Now here is the funny
>(funny shady, not funny ha ha), the H2 came with a 3 month free service,
>after 2 months we received a letter from XM asking us to enjoy the XM
>service for the next 2 years?????  So I bought this truck and got XM free
>for 2 years.  That's how XM is boosting their subscriptions!!!
>Sirius is not doing this.
>Jack Stiefel - Tampa, Fl
>DMC Vin 03461 1981 Grey 5 speed
>DMC Vin 16879 1983 Black 5 speed
>Yeah I got one--
>Listen to the best music of all time at
>Come hang out in The DMC Lounge --
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> > I currently have an S50 on my desk, a Sportster Replay in my Magnum,
> > and Orbiters in my Delorean, Harley and wifes cars.
>How's that work, subscription-wise? Do you have to pay the $12 a month
>for every radio?
>I've never considered satellite radio. I can't imagine paying $12 a
>month just for the car; I'd like it at home, too. But I'm not pulling
>some stupid receiver out of the car and dragging it into the house and
>back and forth, etc. Too much hassle. If I could license x number of
>unique receivers for the same flat price I might think about it.
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