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RE: [DMCForum] Sirius radio..

Historically Sirius has better coverage.  I suppose it is where in the
country you are, but in NY and Fl, Sirius kicks XM's ass with coverage.
Heck I have been down in a underground parking garage with only a tiny view
of the exit and I was still getting signal.  Sirius has 3 in elliptical
orbit while XM has 2 stationary ones.  Plus Sirius has theirs at higher
orbit for better coverage.

"The XM sats are geostationary and have focused antennas. As a result they
are limited to the continental US with some stray signal to Canada and
Mexico. I have read reports of success in Bermuda, but it seems the signal
dies south of the Bahamas.

Sirius, on the other hand, has three sats that orbit in a figure eight over
south and north America. At least two are over the US at all times. Because
they are moving, the antennas are not as focused in order to maintain a
large coverage area. It looks like they are turned off only as they move
south of the equator. The result is a much wider coverage area outside of
north America. I have read of good signal reports from most of Mexico,
Bermuda, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Panama, and even Hawaii! I have not read of
any reports good or bad from the windwards. Going North there is good
coverage well into Canada and Alaska."""> from a
discussion on Sirius.

It has some good info on the locations, basically about the Caribbean, but
works for us here.

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Oh, my XM setup is wired directly into the OEM radio system as I don't like
FM modulators. Plus it allowed me to control the XM system through the
stereo controls on my steering wheel. In fact the only way you can tell I
have XM is from the small antenna on the roof.

The only time I loose signal with XM is when I drive through a wooded area
next to a steep hill. I've actually stopped under a 5 lane overpass and was
still getting signal. This doesn't surprise me since Sirius has 3
satellites with only 1 (maybe two) visible at any given time. XM may only
have 2, but both are constantly visible.

At 01:49 PM 1/11/2006 -0800, you wrote:
>I have the little radio that looks like a radar
>detector, it has a  built in FM transmitter.  With the
>thing in the little cubby hole under the radio (in my
>Taurus), I still get "FM static".  I have tried a
>number of frequencies, but little improvement.
>If there is a problem with the Sirius signal, it goes
>silent (because it is digital).  The static noise may
>be a function of the crappy $30 radio I bought.
>The files I am downloading from NNTP don't have that
>static, but do have the other quality issues I

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