Re: [DMCForum] Warning: Troll Chow! (was Re: Merry Christmas)
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Re: [DMCForum] Warning: Troll Chow! (was Re: Merry Christmas)

This is sickening. Im getting tired of hearing this shit in my mailbox.
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Sent: Monday, December 26, 2005 7:37 PM
Subject: [DMCForum] Warning: Troll Chow! (was Re: Merry Christmas)

> Mark, shut up. Please, just shut the hell up for once. You pull this
> shit every time. You nit-pick something that you can some how turn
> into an arguing point, just so you start an argument that you can
> win. You arguing with people on this list, is akin to Andy Kaufman
> wrestling women: You just want an easy win.
> I'm gonna say this straight out. Christmas is not about religion to
> the masses that you wish to exploit as an arguing point. Christmas is
> a time of fellowship and being together. THAT is what Christmas means
> to people. Not everyonce exchanges gifts. Not everyone celebrates the
> birth of Christ. Not everyone eats turkey. But togetherness is what
> everyone celebrates.
> By wishing you a "Merry Christas", there were no religious
> conantations meant. It was more of a "Hey, hope you had a nice day
> together with your family, and enjoyed each others company." If you
> can't take it as such, well, that's your problem. And if you don't
> celebrate Christmas, then I don't look down on that at all. However,
> you'd better be at work, and forfeting all holiday pay, and any and
> all seasonal compensational bonuses you recieve from your employer.
> That's like a clansman who takes MLK Day off.
> Mark, I know you're not a stupid man. However, you pull this shit all
> the time, and when you get yelled at by others, you just sit there
> and say, "DUH! Whut did I do so wrong! DURRRRR!" Your daftness either
> spans the unknowns of the universe as you still don't learn from your
> mistakes, or you purposefully do this shit just to egg people into
> arguments, so that you can easily win with some flimsy excuse that is
> only justified in your mind. You seriously seem to have some sort of
> social anxiety, or psychological disorder that makes you always want
> to be right. Just what do you really gain from winning all of these
> petty arguments, Mark?
> If you still don't believe me, try re-reading your posts from other
> peoples' perspective.
> -Robert
> --- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Marc Levy <malevy_nj@xxxx> wrote:
>> What I celebrate is not important.  It is the
>> assumption that everyone celebrates what the masses
>> may celebrate that is naive, and frankly
>> inconsiderate.
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