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Funny though isnt Ryan, police officers dont set speed limits, they
dont decide where ceratin speeds are to be applied or change, and
they ceratinly dont get the revenue, or have control of any of the
other things that are usually pointed out.  Perhaps you should take
those matters up with your local or state politicians who make the
laws, and then complain to the Cheif of Poilce if the offciers arent
enforcing speed limits, when the public complains about speeding
cars in different areas.  That in turn causes officers to have to go
out and enforce radar which is about the last thing (speaking as an
officer) that they want to waste time doing.  Of course those who
get pulled over are always quick to use this or other forums to vent
their frustration.  Nice to see some positive comments for a change
however.  Then again I could give you a long list of officers killed
as the result of simple traffic stops or for other senseless reasons
simply by doing thier job which is to protect citizens.  Doubtful I
would see a "OK Let's hear those good cop stories" thread though. 
Not as entertaining.  Usually why the countless good deeds done by
the thousands of men and women in law enforement across the country
are largley unsung.  However when one of a very small minority might
make a mistake or make a bad decision (and they are human too), that
never fails to make the front page or 6 o clock news.  The stories
of saving lives, or doing routine good deeds (just as on here and
other forums) either fall to the back page or dont make it to print
at all.  Theres my cop story since you asked for some :-)


> Exactly! This is intended to collect revenue. They sit in a hiding
> place right on the other side of the sign and wait for your ass.
> Often, they'll hide just before an increased speed limit - say it
> from 55 to 70, they sit a couple hundred feet before the 70 because
> people always speed up early.
> Speed limits are also intentionally lowered in many places well
> what they should be. If you're on a road that feels like you
should be
> doing 55, because you're out in the middle of fracking nowhere,
> might have the limit set at 35 or 40 so they can sit on the side
> bust you.
> Speed limits in the United States are neither set nor enforced for
> safety, they're set and enforced for revenue. That's all it is.
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> - Ryan
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