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RE: [DMCForum] Fuel Prices...H2...hybrids...


I agree completely.  In my opinion some would rather feel better owning a
hybrid rather than really understand how the vehicle functions and the
actual affect on the surroundings.  The talk show I was listening to went
into how it's a marketing dream come true.

A few months ago I toured the BMW assembly plant during a car show.  At this
plant they assemble the X5 and Z4.  If nothing else, a few giant US
automakers could learn a thing or twelve from them.

Anyway, they assemble every Z4 and X5 that was ever made including the right
hand drive diesel X5 being shipped overseas.  Yes, diesel X5.  They stated
this vehicle will be available in the US in 2007.  I was excited by that,
but also realized it probably won't be a big hit.

Diesel powered vehicles here are not highly regarded, unless you need to tow
a monster trailer or boat.  Nissan is rumored to be coming out with a diesel
Titan and if they do, look out. :)


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>The kicker here is the hybrids owners generally snub the guzzling SUV
>about paying too much for their vehicle and having that "I am better than
>you" attitude when they are doing the exact same thing.  The only thing a
>hybrid vehicle does is make those buying it feel better about their
>traveling about.  In the end, there is no difference but they are saving
>more gasoline for the guzzlers.
Well, the hybrids may appear more economical in the US, but compared to
a car with similar engine capacity, they're crap.

It's funny how the whole SUV thing hasn't really hit the UK. Well, sort
of. Our obsession seems to be fecking 4x4's. BMW X5, Range Rovers,
Porsche Cayenne.... and they'll never see even a bit of mud, and are
usually driven by school mums.



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