RE: [DMCForum] Too much Hummer bashing?
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RE: [DMCForum] Too much Hummer bashing?

HI Jack,
  I'm only having a friendly debat with you.  Yeah, i met to ruffle  your feathers on some of the things, but I never ment at all to be mean  spirited.  Didn't you catch all the ;) and :) in my emails? 
  In my emails I never was refering to you buying for status.  I  only was debating that a lot of people i've met who buy them, buy for  status.  If i've come across otherwise, then i'm sorry.
  All in good fun.  Sorry it was at your expense. 

Jack Stiefel <jackstiefel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:          I said detest, not dislike.  I was not trying to sound arrogant.  It just
  seems that there are fanatical people who are obsessed with hating the H2
  for one reason or another, either real or imagined. It is those who seem
  also to be the ones who would never in a million years be able to afford
  one.  Take that site where people post pictures of them flipping off H2's,
  you don't see Mercedes, BMW's, or other high end cars in those pics.  I was
  only making a correlation, not a judgment.  A good example is someone who
  loses out on winning a trip to Mexico with their family and says something
  along the lines of betting the food would suck and the water would make you
  sick.  It is that mentality that I was referring to.  Now those who dislike
  it either thinking it ugly, the mileage sucks, or just plain don't like it
  are being good spirited and having fun poking fun at me, which I can take.
  But referring to my vehicle as a GM parts recycle bin, or that I was taken
  because I bought it for hauling, or that I put more money into it than it is
  worth, or that if I use it like a car I am using it for status, that's a tad
  over the line.
  I believe my tolerance to Erik's attitude was getting the best of me.  While
  most of us are having fun with this topic, he has gotten a burr under his
  saddle and decided to make harsh mean spirited statements toward my choice
  of vehicle.  So far only one other person has lowered themselves to
  degrading the H2, and his "facts" were proven inaccurate and he quieted up.
  Again if it came out as arrogant, I apologize, that was not the intention.
  Jack Stiefel - Tampa, Fl
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  Wow, that is pretty arrogant.
  --- Jack Stiefel <jackstiefel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  > over again.  People who
  > detest this type of car are usually the one who
  > can't afford one and
  > therefore rationalizes how bad they are.  Some
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