[DMCForum] Re: Too much Hummer bashing?
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[DMCForum] Re: Too much Hummer bashing?

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Jack Stiefel" <jackstiefel@xxxx> wrote:
Gonna have to disagree there, Jack.

If you only commute with one other person, the DeLorean does just
fine. Same as with my pickup that only seats two. And there is still
plenty of room for everyone's breifcases, bags, etc.

The only problem with using a DeLorean as a "grocery getter" is that
you'll worry about other people and shopping carts dinging the car.
Otherwise, it works just fine. I took my mom out shopping one night,
and loaded a cart up with about $120 worth of groceries for everyone.
It all loaded up into the car no problem. I had the trunk full, as
well as the parcel shelf, and have the pictures around here of it too.
I'll upload one into the Photos section. The only problem with the
DeLorean is that you can't just chuck bags into the trunk, and close
the lid. You just have to be a bit more strategic about where you
place everything. Boxes bottles & thin items up front, and gallon jugs
of milk & water up against the firewall.

However, the DeLoren has one feature that no other car, SUV, or truck
has. And that's the built-in pizza warmer in the back. It works VERY
well, although you do feel a bit like Hiro Protagonist on the way back
home, or to the office to deliver the pizzas. :)


> Are you serious? You actually believe what you typed?  I suppose
uneducated people do believe strange things. 
> No car, truck, or SUV is necessary.  If you own anything better than
a horse or bicycle you own a useless waste of your money.  A DeLorean?
Useless waste.  It can only take 2 people so car pooling is not an
option.  Grocery getting? Fraid not my friend, no room for a real load
for the family.  Speaking of family.  Unless you are single with GF or
have no kids, it is useless.  Racing down the street?  Sorry,
underpowered.  Looking cool and making a statement?  Righto my friend.
Your DeLorean is in the same category as the Hummers, status as much
as functionality.
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