[DMCForum] H2 & H3: Test Drive Opinion.
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[DMCForum] H2 & H3: Test Drive Opinion.

Last September, I had a chance to test drive an H2 on an off-road
course. And I have to say that I was VERY impressed with it!

The suspension was pretty rocky, but not too bad, considering that I
was driving the thing ACROSS some pretty deep ruts @ about 25-30mph. I
drove the thing across a 45 degree dirt mound, and it didn't miss a
beat. Scared the hell out of my buddy in the back, and even the GM guy
was surprised that I hit the angle that hard. But it kept me in place,
even with the passenger side up in the air.

Inclines were also quite impressive. Both the approach and departure
angles were pretty steep, but it handled everything just fine. I
really liked the drive train. I followed the instructions of the rep,
and only gently pressed on the gas and brake pedals when needed. And
the vehicle did the rest. Shifted into 4L automaticly, and did the
rest. We were on such a steep departure angle, that I had to actually
look out of the sunroof to see where I was driving!

Like I told the GM rep, I'll say here too. After getting to drive an
H2, and put it to the test, I REALLY liked it! I found it to be a
really capable vehicle, that I really enjoyed driving. And it had a
really solid, safe feel to it, with decent visability. I'd just always
hated them until now, because of the types of drivers that I
associated with them. And the guy from GM said that my reaction was
pretty typical. Once truck enthusiats get a chance to drive them, they
really like them. But GM is quite worried about the image that the H2
has. GM wants to market the H2 as a capable off-road vehicle. Which in
all fairness, it pretty much is by my impression. But soccer moms who
never take them off-road & can't drive them anyways, and "...people
who bling them out and blast rap music" (his words, not mine), are
turing off serious buyers. According to him, it's a catch-22
situation: GM has a steady line of buyers, but worries that they may
be missing out on sales, from people who are buying Expeditions, Grand
Cherokees, Land Cruisers, etc. These vehicles are in the same price
range, but the negative image that lots of current owners are
projecting, and discouraging potential buyers.

The H3 IMO is a total piece of shit! I got to drive one on the same
day. You can't see out of the rear window, because of the spare tire
that's in the way. The interior was cheaper looking and feeling than
the Chevy Cobalt I drove eariler. Simple speed bumps jarred us when we
hit them, and the suspension system was totally unstable. I hit
corners @ 15mph, and was soo scared that I was going to tip the thing
over. The tires started to squeal, and loose traction, and you could
feel the vehicle tip. The Cadillac SRX wasn't even that bad, and I
drove thru the same track corners in it, at faster speeds (and that's
saying allot for a vehicle built off the Pontiac Aztek platform).

I don't think that the H2 is a bad vehicle at all, but it's not my
first choice as an off-road vehcile. Not because I don't like it, but
I wouldn't want to get into one with mud all over my boots, to get the
interior dirty. I'd prefer a Jeep Wrangler or regular Cherokee for
that. Which even the GM guy agreed with me one (yes, I caught that one
on tape too that he drives a Jeep personally!), but an H2 could
certainly get the job done. If I lived in a cold climate where ice on
the road was prevalent, and especially if it was a hilly area to boot,
then yes, I'd choose an H2 as a primary winter vehicle. And you could
tow with it in the warmer months.

The H3? Total crap. That's just GM trying to cash-in on people who
want the Hummer moniker, but don't want to pay the higher price tag,
or are uncomfortable with it.

After test driving one, I don't blame you at all for owning one, Jack! :)



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