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Oh sure I see your point how stupid of me.

I own a consignment used car dealership.  A guy brings in a DeLorean off the
street and asks me to sell it for him (not my sale, not my car).  My duty is
to go out, buy every book on the DeLorean, read them over and over again
until I have all the data the authors thought were facts (we all know every
book on the DeLorean is accurate).  Then I would go to every online source I
can find and read all the contradictory information.  I then take all that
information and throw it out and listen to the always right DeLorean
community.  Next, I do the same for the 1978 Lotus, 1986 Jaguar, 1988
Bentley, 1995 Lamborghini, and finally the 1940 Ford that was just too darn
cool looking to pass up.  

Come on, the sheer time and trouble to be an expert on each and every make
and model of auto would be staggering.  All I would be doing all day was
reading up on other peoples cars that I was trying to sell.  Potential
buyers would be lined up around the block waiting for me to come outside and
help them, But unfortunately to meet Joe O'Brien's standards of salesmanship
I am forced to be an expert on every car in the world. 

The only thing I see this seller embellishing on is the "pieced together"
aspect of a non 81 model.  But there is a ring of truth there as well.  The
last cars were "pieced" together by Kapac after buying the inventory, so he
is a tad misinformed, but not necessarily a blatant liar.  I already agreed
the low tire was an easy fix, spelling is nit picking IMO, and no one in the
general public would ever know when the hood was changed in a Vin series,
only an obsessed DeLorean owner or fan would know that.  Even the all
knowing Joe OBrien does not know why this hood was changed in the first
place, but he is quick to let me know that this car was "pieced together" as
well because that hood MUST have been changed, right?.  I guess any accident
car was hence pieced together as well? 

I am sorry to rant, but I see very little wring with this auction besides a
little misinformation.  I do not see this guy doing anything slimy, in fact
his info is better than most I have ever read.  Her is his description:

      "Only stainless steel motor car ever conceived with the gullwings.
In       my 55 years of selling and making predictions on collectable and
extremely rare motor cars and having one of my sales in the Guinness       book
of records for the highest value, I predict without a doubt in my       mind
that the Delorean will become one the most accelerating and the
great collectables that one could enjoy and covet. I personally knew       John
Delorean well. If he would have become the president of General
Motors, which he was on track to do, General Motors would not be in       the
poor position that they are today. He was a true genius. That       vision
shined in the Delorean motor car. Never was there more       controversy over a
motor car or the builder and founder of a motor car       as there was with
the Delorean and John himself. John Delorean was a       unique and
enthusiastic designer. There is word out since his death       that there
will be a movie done about his life, which was very       exciting and unique.
If you remember the Tucker motor car and the       movie, I had a Tucker at the
time the movie came out and the       acceleration in value of that motor
car because of the excitement was       immense. The value of the Tucker
today is virtually untouchable. I       truly believe that this will be the
greatest accelerator on the market       that is now selling for an extremely
reasonable value. The Delorean       that we have is an exquisite example of this
sculptured stainless       steal masterpiece. This is the late series which
includes factory air       conditioning, V6 Volvo engine, ascot great leather,
and fully       automatic as well as every refinement for that time. Gone
only 20,005       miles since new. There will never be a greater investment
that you can       enjoy at such a reasonable price. Delorean's were built only
in 1981,       the cars that you see in 82 and 83 were pieced together
later after       the whole thing collapsed. This is a real Delorean"

I agree there are bad sellers out there, but the DeLorean Police at times go
beyond their duty and bash respectable sellers like this one appears to be.
Sure the Green Rice car was a bad deal, and you Police helped people.  But
what if someone who lives near this Schmidt car is interested in it, but now
thinks it is a scam because the hood has been changed somewhere in 24 years
and the tire is low?  Is that your place?  Is that your duty?

Jack Stiefel - Tampa, Fl
DMC Vin 03461 1981 Grey 5 speed
DMC Vin 16879 1983 Black 5 speed
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" but not when it comes the used dealers.
Think about how many different cars are out there to know?"

The is the guy is too damn lazy to know the facts about exotic cars
since he SELLS exotic cars, then he shouldn't be selling them.

Most people that sell exotic cars don't make ridiculous statements
with zero facts about a car. That shows his ignorance.

I will happily continue to bash these slimeball sellers because that
is what they are. Just greasy used car slaesman out to make a buck.

The ones that advertise exactly what they are selling, even if not
100% accurate are fine. But to make opiniated stupid comments like
the current seller we are nitpicking on is just ridiculous.

It is the sellers that hype up cars with problems and other facts to
make buyers fooled into thinking they are getting more than they are
are the main ones I bash.

Lie the guys that say "I decided NOT to charge the ac to leave the r-
12 or 134a conversion up to them to decide. Aw what a guy.

Or the ones who leave parts off for "weight reduction mods" ... Jeesh!

If they just list them honestly no problem, but dancing around issues
without fully listing them, or blatantly just being dead wrong with
your facts as a sign that they just want to sell to the first sucker
are the ones who'll I'll always bash.

Just always hate the greasy used car salesman mentality, and hate
when it spills over to the Delorean as well.

Maybe these comments help newbies avoid getting suckered into a
basketcase??? Gives them some info to shop with?


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Jack Stiefel" <jackstiefel@xxxx>
> Oh you do have valid points for sure.  I agree that low tires are
an obvious
> thing to rectify, as are us telling potential new owners about
> problems. 
> What I have an issue with is owners bashing these eBay auctions
even before
> potential owners ask, then making them all sound like they are
cheats or
> conning people.
> Now Ron was saying he got his wife's car from this same dealer and
has been
> very happy with them.  Also he points out that most of the cars are
> cars on consignment.  That being said I would not expect all the
sales force
> to know or understand all the nuances of these cars.  You can know
only so
> much about every car you sell if you are a dealer.
> As for your truck, I agree that a salesman at a new car dealership
> know his cars/trucks inside and out, but not when it comes the used
> Think about how many different cars are out there to know?
> :)
> Jack Stiefel - Tampa, Fl
> DMC Vin 03461 1981 Grey 5 speed
> DMC Vin 16879 1983 Black 5 speed
> Listen to the best music of all time at
> Come hang out in The DMC Lounge --

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> Subject: [DMCForum] Charles Schmidt Auction at EBay...
> Not trying to hijack a topic, but...
> I agree with some of what you stated, Jack, but would you ever buy
> from someone who didn't understand their own product?
> I could give them not knowing the bonnet was different, but the
tire being
> almost flat?  They clean the vehicles to make them look better so
> detail should have been noticed early on.
> If they can not take a few seconds to ensure some details, such as
> misspellings, can anyone be absolutely sure they didn't over look
> really important?  A friend recently went to buy a new truck and
the sales
> guy was clueless.  It was as if he didn't even do his homework on
> product he was trying to sell and had to go ask the sales manager. 
What the
> hell was he there for?
> Finally, there are people who come to these lists trying to learn
more about
> their future purchase and may not be aware of these things that
> owners consider commonplace.  I am not bashing you, just offering
> opinion, and we all know what opinions are like. :)
> Greg
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> Jack Stiefel
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> Subject: RE: [DML] Charles Schmidt Auction at EBay
> Now once in a while (more often now that the DeLorean Police are in
> an eBay auction come up and people rip into it.  First off lets not
even try
> to argue DMCVIN6683, his arguments are indeed valid, but that's not
> whole story.
> I am not affiliated with this seller or any other, but sometimes I
> perturbed about these little things.
> This place is obviously a used car dealership getting many cars in
> month and there are tons of rumors that are about the history of
these cars,
> but lets face it, do you really expect everyone selling a car to
> everything about such car?  This place got this on a trade, why
would they
> know when the hood was changed?  Maybe this car was returned to the
> dealer for repairs and that was the only hood they still had in
> Maybe they wanted that hood and changed it?  Is every car that was
> built pieced together if any part was replaced? 
> If you got a good deal on a trade in for your dealership, would you
> hours reading up on each and every car, or would you take a lot of
shots of
> the car and ask a fair market value for it?  I for one would sell
the car,
> providing as much detail as was necessary.
> I mean come on, the tire is low?  There is a mis-spelling on the
> These are things to be concerned about?  Ok, yes the lack of frame
pics is
> suspect, but really if you were selling an old Ford would you crawl
under it
> and take a lot of shots?  Has anyone asked this guy for any frame
pics?  I
> wouldn't even know what markings my car does/should have for
updates, and I
> own 2, one for 8 years now!!!
> This auction might indeed be a bad deal or a great one, but if the
> Police bash every one that comes along, none will be sold as
> buyers will stray away.
> Just my 2 cents, but lets all try to keep eBay auctions in
> Jack Stiefel - Tampa, Fl
> DMC Vin 03461 1981 Grey 5 speed
> DMC Vin 16879 1983 Black 5 speed
> Listen to the best music of all time at
> Come hang out in The DMC Lounge --

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> DMCVIN6683
> Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2005 10:54 PM
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> Subject: Re: [DML] Charles Schmidt Auction at EBay
> The owner claims it is a real Delorean because it is a early 1981
> all the other cars are pieced together. Funny how his car has a gas
> flap hood and they were not available for his VIN# so it appears
his is
> pieced together as well. Oh yeah the color of the car is Stainless
> Steel not Stainless Steal like he has it on the ad. Also the right
> tire is almost flat, he could at least put air in it for the
photos. I
> think he wants too much for it but this is my opinions.
> No pictures of the underbody so i am assuming there may be rust
> he has lots of pictures of the interior to make you forget about
> underbody and none of the frame and we all know how the frames can
> rust. Also i dont see any markings showing any of the safety
> campaign/recalls have been done. I would have somebody check it out
> you if you are serious.
> Typical used car sales man attitude i get by reading the
> and not knowledgeable about the car at all.
> Just my opinions and i dont like fast pitch fancy sales ad's to
> you think you are buying more than you see or making you think it
> more of a car than it really is.
> Good luck.
> On Nov 24, 2005, at 9:51 AM, Dennis Alberts wrote:
> > I'm thinking of placing a bid on eBay for the DeLorean at Charles
> > Schmidt
> > and Company.  Does anybody have any specific knowledge about the
> >
> >
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Dennis

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