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Re: [DMCForum] Charles Schmidt Auction at EBay...

In your case I have to agree.  You were not attempting to say the seller was scamming the public, but merely ignorant.

I did not mean to make it sound like I was putting you in that category, sorry if it came out like that.  It has been a long day.

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I didnt bash the seller or auction, i was stating my opinions and
pointing out easy and stupid mistakes that make sellers look bad.

Any seller with half a mind should make their car look as presentable
as possible and there facts as accurate as possible.

These were my opinions.

Mark V

On Nov 25, 2005, at 9:04 PM, Jack Stiefel wrote:

> Oh you do have valid points for sure.Â? I agree that low tires are an
> obvious
>  thing to rectify, as are us telling potential new owners about
> possible
>  problems.Â?
>  What I have an issue with is owners bashing these eBay auctions even
> before
>  potential owners ask, then making them all sound like they are cheats
> or
>  conning people.
>  Now Ron was saying he got his wife's car from this same dealer and
> has been
>  very happy with them.Â? Also he points out that most of the cars are
> exotic
>  cars on consignment.Â? That being said I would not expect all the
> sales force
>  to know or understand all the nuances of these cars.Â? You can know
> only so
>  much about every car you sell if you are a dealer.
>  As for your truck, I agree that a salesman at a new car dealership
> should
>  know his cars/trucks inside and out, but not when it comes the used
> dealers.
>  Think about how many different cars are out there to know?
>  :)
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>  Not trying to hijack a topic, but...
>  I agree with some of what you stated, Jack, but would you ever buy
> something
>  from someone who didn't understand their own product?
>  I could give them not knowing the bonnet was different, but the tire
> being
>  almost flat?Â? They clean the vehicles to make them look better so that
>  detail should have been noticed early on.
>  If they can not take a few seconds to ensure some details, such as
>  misspellings, can anyone be absolutely sure they didn't over look
> anything
>  really important?Â? A friend recently went to buy a new truck and the
> sales
>  guy was clueless.Â? It was as if he didn't even do his homework on the
>  product he was trying to sell and had to go ask the sales manager.Â?

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