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[DMCForum] Charles Schmidt Auction at EBay...

Not trying to hijack a topic, but...

I agree with some of what you stated, Jack, but would you ever buy something
from someone who didn't understand their own product?

I could give them not knowing the bonnet was different, but the tire being
almost flat?  They clean the vehicles to make them look better so that
detail should have been noticed early on.

If they can not take a few seconds to ensure some details, such as
misspellings, can anyone be absolutely sure they didn't over look anything
really important?  A friend recently went to buy a new truck and the sales
guy was clueless.  It was as if he didn't even do his homework on the
product he was trying to sell and had to go ask the sales manager.  What the
hell was he there for?

Finally, there are people who come to these lists trying to learn more about
their future purchase and may not be aware of these things that long-time
owners consider commonplace.  I am not bashing you, just offering another
opinion, and we all know what opinions are like. :)


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Now once in a while (more often now that the DeLorean Police are in force)
an eBay auction come up and people rip into it.  First off lets not even try
to argue DMCVIN6683, his arguments are indeed valid, but that's not the
whole story.

I am not affiliated with this seller or any other, but sometimes I get
perturbed about these little things.

This place is obviously a used car dealership getting many cars in each
month and there are tons of rumors that are about the history of these cars,
but lets face it, do you really expect everyone selling a car to know
everything about such car?  This place got this on a trade, why would they
know when the hood was changed?  Maybe this car was returned to the original
dealer for repairs and that was the only hood they still had in stock?
Maybe they wanted that hood and changed it?  Is every car that was ever
built pieced together if any part was replaced? 

If you got a good deal on a trade in for your dealership, would you spend
hours reading up on each and every car, or would you take a lot of shots of
the car and ask a fair market value for it?  I for one would sell the car,
providing as much detail as was necessary.

I mean come on, the tire is low?  There is a mis-spelling on the page?
These are things to be concerned about?  Ok, yes the lack of frame pics is
suspect, but really if you were selling an old Ford would you crawl under it
and take a lot of shots?  Has anyone asked this guy for any frame pics?  I
wouldn't even know what markings my car does/should have for updates, and I
own 2, one for 8 years now!!!

This auction might indeed be a bad deal or a great one, but if the DeLorean
Police bash every one that comes along, none will be sold as potential
buyers will stray away.

Just my 2 cents, but lets all try to keep eBay auctions in perspective.

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The owner claims it is a real Delorean because it is a early 1981 and
all the other cars are pieced together. Funny how his car has a gas
flap hood and they were not available for his VIN# so it appears his is
pieced together as well. Oh yeah the color of the car is Stainless
Steel not Stainless Steal like he has it on the ad. Also the right rear
tire is almost flat, he could at least put air in it for the photos. I
think he wants too much for it but this is my opinions.

No pictures of the underbody so i am assuming there may be rust because
he has lots of pictures of the interior to make you forget about the
underbody and none of the frame and we all know how the frames can
rust. Also i dont see any markings showing any of the safety
campaign/recalls have been done. I would have somebody check it out for
you if you are serious.

Typical used car sales man attitude i get by reading the description
and not knowledgeable about the car at all.

Just my opinions and i dont like fast pitch fancy sales ad's to make
you think you are buying more than you see or making you think it is
more of a car than it really is.

Good luck.

On Nov 24, 2005, at 9:51 AM, Dennis Alberts wrote:

> I'm thinking of placing a bid on eBay for the DeLorean at Charles
> Schmidt
> and Company.  Does anybody have any specific knowledge about the car?
> Thanks,
> Dennis

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