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RE: [DMCForum] Big Nerd Discussion (was: Arrested Development petition...)

I have been through the exact same thing.  She once told me that Star Trek
wasn't real and I said I knew that.  The episodes are just recreations of
actual events with the names changed. :)

She also bought me the blueprints to the ship.


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On 11/13/05, timnagin <timnagin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >What I miss is the back stories like the birth of Nunian Sungs research.
> *GASP*  "Noonian Soong"!  You are now fined four bars of latinum for your
> error. ;)

I've got a story about Star Trek spelling:

As I've said, my wife mocks me relentlessly about Trek. "It's a space
soap opera! How can you watch that?!"

I've been watching TNG lately. Now, I've seen maybe half the TNG
episodes, but never in any order. I'd watch it if I were flipping
through the channels and stumbled across one. So last month I decided
I'd go back and watch them all, back to back, like I did with Voyager.

Now, for all the teasing the little woman gives me, she also watches
Trek. Sort of. See, she will come in the room and laugh at me a bit.
I'll invite her to watch with me. She'll roll her eyes with a
sarcastic tone, and say, "No, thank you!" Then she'll leave the room.
But if I look carefully, I can see her on the edge of the kitchen
where it meets the living room, watching. Sometimes she'll stand there
for 10, 15 minutes. If I look right at her, and she's disengaged in
the show enough to see me, she'll run away. I'm not kidding you,
folks. She pretends not to like it then tries to watch it discretely!
I've brought this up to her but she is in denial.

Anyway, back to my point: I'm now onto season 3 of TNG and was
watching "The Price", as was she (from her hiding place in the
kitchen). Near the end of the show she actually came and sat down on
the couch to watch - a rare thing for her. When the show ended, I was
incredibly excited - I recalled the Voyager episode where they
stumbled upon the Ferengi in the Alpha Quadrant and just thought it so
cool how the shows all compliment one another. I'm telling my wife
this and she remembers that Voyager episode (watched from her hidden
alcove in the kitchen, naturally).

Now I wanted to watch it but couldn't remember exactly which episode
it was. So I hopped on Google (my theater has a PC attached) and
searched "Voyager Ferengi". My wife literally jumps up and exclaims,
"What?!? You know how to SPELL THAT?!"  (referring to "Ferengi"). "I
can't believe you know how to SPELL that!!!" Then she stomps out of
the room.

That was some seriously hilarious stuff. Now that I've spent all this
time typing it (and you reading it) it's probably one of those "only
funny if you were actually there" moments, but anyway, hope you
enjoyed it.

- Ryan - Store your bookmarks. On every computer.

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