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[DMCForum] Re: JZD & Bricklin & Africa

My roomate owns a 300ZX with some performance stuff on it and he was
dogging DeLoreans until he found out that I owned one now all he
wants to do is drive mine. We went to school with each other since
first grade and all of my binders had the DMC logo that I poorly drew
on there and he told me how ugly, slow, inpratical and stupid the
cars are and then he drove by when I first got my car and now he
praises my car almost. Same thing with the Ford and Chevy guys from
high school. Mike knows what I mean, Dog the car and call it
aluminum. When he droped off my car a buddy of mine that all Ford
stoped and looked at it and told me that the aluminum looked nice. I
think I have told you guys this before.


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "therealdmcvegas" <dmcvegas@xxxx>
> I'm not surprised about the story of your roomate. A DeLorean is a
> great way to bring out the worst in people at times. And I've got
> plenty of stories about it that I've posted to the DML over the
> Even now days when I'm involved in a conversation about cars with
> people, I usually hold off until the end about saying what kind of
> I own. I've noticed that even with my friends, they get annoyed
> sometimes when someone first discovers that I own a DeLorean, and
> ignores everyone elese, just to ask me questions. And as big an ego
> that I admittedly have :p, I do feel bad about it at times. You can
> involuntarily hijack and entire conversation.
> But when it comes to those people like your old roomate like you've
> described, then yeah, I'll rub it in and find a way to throw things
> back into their face.
> I love my DeLorean for many reasons, but it always amazes me about
> many other people go crazy over it. Especially the new generation
> who've never even heard of JZD, the controversy, and still haven't
> seen BTTF. They've just seen the car for the first time, and go ga-
> over it. It just blows my mind about how appealing people still find
> the car.
> -Robert
> --- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Packodenton@xxxx wrote:
> > There was a DMC dealer in Cape town South Africa in 1982. If my
> memory is 
> > correct, 80 cars went there.
> > 
> > When I had the DMC with me in college, the International Students
> went wild 
> > over the car...which was funny as hell to watch them admire the
> since it 
> > wasn't restored or up to standard.  The Japanese, Korean, and
> students  from
> > South Africa loved the DMC so much that they would  constantly
> pictures of
> > it, during all hours of the night. My dorm room was  on the first
> floor then,
> > and I had a clear view of my parking space outside  my window. I
> to put
> > my hi-8mm video camera on a tripod in the window, just  to give
> appearance
> > that the car was monitered.
> > 
> > My girlfriend at the time was from Germany and when her parents
>  the car,
> > they wanted me to ship the car home with her!
> > 
> > My asshole of a roommate was from the Middle East  and sulked &
> pouted like a
> > baby about how much female attention  the Delorean received.   His
> goal in
> > life was to  "out perform" everyone as he had the biggest chip on
> his shoulder
> > and  pissed everyone off, gold chains, fake Rolex, way too much
> cologne et  al.
> > 
> > 
> > It was comical hearing about how he made such an ass of himself. 
> His family
> > gave him a new 1996 collectors edition vette. That dumb bastard 
> too lazy
> > to fill it up with gas, wash it or even check the oil.  He 
> that new
> > car, had it repaired and later sold the car, all within 3  months.
> > 
> > Mike


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