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[DMCForum] Re: New poll for DMCForum

Even though some don't like hearing about religious & political
stuff, some do I guess.

But once we start censoring it, then the point of the dmcforum is

That's how life is, you deal with what you are dealt, if you don't
like it, then don't read it or watch it.

Like Ryan said, if we start censoring posts, we might as well just go
back to the DML.


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Ryan Wright <ryanpwright@xxxx>
> Here's the problem, folks: The list is quickly becoming "moderated".
> If we wanted a moderated list, we'd go back to the DML, right?
> As far as I can tell, there are only two reasons for this forum to
exist at all:
> 1. To lose the time gap (waiting for messages to be approved by a
> moderator) of the DML, providing for faster postings/responses of
> problems.
> 2. To gain the ability to discuss topics that would not be allowed
on the DML.
> So which is it? If we create a list of banned topics, we're just a
> with fast turnaround. What's the point, then?
> On the flip side, we could always move the religious & political
> discussions elsewhere. A couple of years ago I created a forum for
> just this purpose. I was a member of another forum that was heavily
> moderated and did not allow religious/political talk (except when
> talk agreed with the moderators' extreme left wing positions; then
> was OK). This "off topic" discussion became so bad they were banning
> people left and right and constantly threatening everyone, so I
> created a forum specifically for this type of discussion. The idea
> to move the "unwanted" discussion somewhere else. Interestingly,
> creating this forum I was permanently banned.
> Anyway, I see no reason why we couldn't ban political & religious
> here and let those who want to continue discussing it come to my
> place. We're just a little gang of Home Theater geeks so DeLorean
> owners would fit right in.
> So: http://www.afterhourslounge.com
> The other option is to just create another Yahoo groups mailing
> One more: If we do ban politics and religion, let's not go
> That other forum would have considered a polite discussion on
> technologies "political" and banned everyone involved in the
> discussion. Likewise with any discussion about oil companies,
> for oil, environmental concerns, etc. Hell, even Rich talking about
> his new EV would have been banned over there for it's political
> undertones. So if a ban is implemented, I suggest being extremely
> precise in the wording, because blindly banning anything "political"
> or "religious" can cut virtually every non-DeLorean discussion right
> out of the list. At that point, I personally see no further value
> here. If I want strict DeLorean discussion I can get that at the

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