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Uh, Greg actually.

>Being self employed,  I have no vacation, no pension, and no health

Then it is your own fault.  You are not the only self-employed person on
this list I can assure you.  You simply choose not to have these things.

>have no time to wait in line to vote,
>It was very accurate.

When what you have been doing dries up, you have to look for something else.
You say there is no time to wait in line to vote, which you claimed was
about two hours, but yet you can travel across the country to attend a car
show that lasts three days.  You still didn't explain how this works in your

>Unless  you have been self employed for a number of years, you have no
>idea how hard it is.   I worked at the corporate level for 15 years.  
>Being self employed is twice as hard and you make 1/4 the money. 
>However, the jobs I had no longer exist. They are all done by
>consultants.  The consultants are people like me who corporation no
>longer want at the corporate level.

I, too, have worked in the corporate world.  I, too, am self employed trying
to get my business off the ground so don't even try to tell me how hard it
is.  If I woke up everyday focusing on how hard it was rather than getting
off my ass then I, too, would probably be bitching about eggs.

It's also no one else's fault that what you did previously is now done by
someone else.  When that happens, you have to change.  If you don't then,
well, you know where you end up.  It is still no one else's fault.

>As for my cars.  They are my pension money.  I bought them for less
>than $500 ea.  Except for my D which I bought for 10,000.
>and the Time machine that I bought for $3,000.   The stock D I have
>given to my son as well as one of the air bag Oldsmobiles.
>He works very hard at school and help with the business.   Se he
>deserved them after many years of work.

In the beginning of this email you stated you had no pension money.  I do
understand the concept of investing in certain items to, hopefully, make a
little money in the future.  But, if you are so concerned about the price of
eggs, and can't stand in line for two hours to vote but can travel across
the country for car shows, there is something wrong.  Sell one of the cars.
You can buy another one. 

If you really have that little in the cars from when you bought them, you
should have sold them as soon as you could have made that money and
reinvested it in something else.  1969 Camaros are closing in on the $30k
mark with the '67 and '68 not far behind.  That is what some people make in
a year.

>I still have 5 cars to restore to be able to sell then to have a
>retirement. and I have less than 10 years to do so.

Will you be restoring these cars, which requires spending money, while you
still use the property taxation relief?  If you do, that is really sad and
you are nothing more than a thief stealing money from others.  Some of that
is my money.  I know very well what it takes to restore a car.

>So I will be working 2 jobs until I retire, just to survive in my

Now its two?!?

>Assuming someone has money, just because they bought cheap junks and
>restored them is a wrong assumption.

I don't think I assumed anything; I asked.  Obviously you don't "have money"
if you have to bitch about one dollar for eggs.  I never said I "had money"


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