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Bob, a few things I have to say in response to your messages:

1) Nobody ever said Christians are perfect. Still sinners, just
forgiven. Yes, we're supposed to do anything possible to avoid sin,
but we're STILL HUMAN. Deciding to accept Jesus doesn't make you
perfect overnight. This doesn't excuse anybody's behavior, I'm just
saying don't act as if the whole system is useless because people
screw up.

2) If you base your beliefs solely on the actions of others, then you
deserve what's coming to you. That's a very silly way to go about
life, basing decisions on what others do, particularly if it's a small
portion of a much larger group (the Christians in your area compared
to the ~2 Billion worldwide).

3) Not all Christians are Catholic. I seem to remember in my history
class two years ago about this thing called the Protestant
Reformation, something about the Church (big C) being corrupt... yeah

As for what my church spends money on... we've been using it to
rebuild after the two hurricanes last year, everything else goes to
food and other supplies to give to any homeless who come over, some of
it pays the pastor and a lot goes to missionaries overseas. We also
hold outreaches, like when we had a car wash/barbecue at no cost and
no donations *accepted*. We were actually REFUSING to take money from
people, and we do this kind of thing every few months.

In short, when talking about a religion as a whole, using a single
church or member of a church as your reason for disliking or following
the religion is a really bad idea. I used my church as an example
above, but I also know that not all churches are like that and that
we're in a minority of churches who do all of these things.

Also, you said:

"Religious people have no right to slap a religious label on things I
buy.   You  can try to sell be stuff, but don't sell the crap that you
will get your reward in heaven- so go ahead and suffer on earth - it
will give you a higher place with god."

For one, I'm having a hard time understanding what you meant. For two,
I don't know of a single religion that offers rewards in heaven or on
earth for putting messages on products.

And again, these obviously evil 'religious people' have every right to
slap a label on the products you buy. It's not yours until you buy it,
and they can do anything to their packaging that they want to that
isn't considered obscene. If you'd bought the eggs and someone snuck
into your house and stuck it in there, you'd be somewhat justified in
complaining about it.

Maybe you could just accept that some people thank God for what they
have, and hope that other people will be glad for the same reason, and
not turn it into a ridiculous argument over what, a sentence or two?
If you don't like it, save up so you can buy different eggs or cross
it out with a marker. Remember, nobody sits in the factory and goes
"Hmm, I think I'll piss off Bob Brandys by sticking a little
God-related message on his egg carton today!". This is really no
different than somebody paying for a God-themed billboard - not a
whole lot you can do about it, it's free speech. You don't see anyone
(that I know of) calling for a ban on people saying they *don't*
believe in God, do you?

-Adam Stadnick
No VIN - maybe after I'm named as an Eagle Scout I'll get #3416?

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