[DMCForum] Re: Greasel/biodiesel conversion for DeLoreans
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[DMCForum] Re: Greasel/biodiesel conversion for DeLoreans

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "cruznmd" <racuti1@xxxx> wrote:
> I'd definitely be willing to boil grease if I owned a normal home and
> got out of this townhouse. I'd also be willing to flout the law if
> burning grease for fuel became illegal. What are they going to do?
> Pull over every single car and run a chemical test? Semi trucks are
> one thing, but chasing every single citizen trying to save a buck
> when they're not stealing or harming anyone is crazy.
> Rich A.

I missed that question the first time around.

You need to check with your local regulations. Some states, like
California, the vehicle has to be inspected first, to make sure it's
legal, and has the nessisarry emissions equipment (like a cat)
installed. I believe that the plaque that DMCH mounts to their Stage II
coverted cars, is actually for that purpose, since they swap out

If you live in a smog free area, no worries. Now who knows if they'd
enforce something like this, but I have seen this in use a few years
back in Las Vegas. A mobile gas analyzer, which mounted on the
expressway, would photograph the license plates of cars driving bay.
You got hit, you'd have to bring the car in for a full inspection at
the state-run smog labs. But they never got beyond testing.

Converting over to diesel is an interesting proposition, and while a
growing one, not likely one often considered. I'd check with your local
regulations about engine swaps. Chances are too that you're state will
NOT require you to install a catalytic convertor.


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