[DMCForum] Re: Wiring a CD Changer (was: amber turn signals)
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[DMCForum] Re: Wiring a CD Changer (was: amber turn signals)

Hi Derek,

> My next question is how to hook up an FM modulated CD changer.  I
> searched the archives right down to message # 1 on both lists, and
> found only bits and pieces of information. 

Don't sweat. This is easy.

> The plan is to put the changer in the locking compartment behind the
> driver's seat.  I read the best source of grounding here is the
> top of the lambda unit near the ECU. 

Possible. I just installed my alarm system in the location above this.
I ran a dedicated ground. You can do the same (very easy; run from
battery, back behind the back panel, and down into the compartment),
or use a multimeter to locate a ground that's already there. There is
a wiring harness running up the right panel into the roof there. If
you sit behind the driver's seat, facing the rear of the car, all the
way back and on your right you'll see it snaking behind that
right-rear panel where your speaker is located. This runs to the
passenger's door for locking, window motors, etc. There is a ground in
here you can tap into.

> They also suggested wiring the
> power either to the door lock module or straight to the battery with
> an in-line-fuse in both cases.  My central locking is de-activated
> right now, can anyone shed some light on exactly how to hook up the
> power?  There are 3 power cables coming out of the CD changer, 1 to a
> continuous power source, 1 to a power source that comes on with the
> ignition, and 1 ground. 

Simple. Quite frankly, if I were you I'd just take all three of these
lines from your stereo. It's already got them hooked up, and your CD
changer isn't going to draw enough power to stress those lines. Make a
little wiring harness with three wires: One black, one red and one of
some other color (I'd use pink or another off-red color). Pull your
stereo and find out which lines are which using a voltmeter. Tap in
there, run the wires through the center console, up into your
right-rear panel, and down into the locking compartment.

If you don't mind spending some time with a meter, all of these lines
should also be available in the back. Obviously power and ground are
abundant back there. The power-on with ignition is back there
somewhere, as I can hear a relay click when I turn my key from OFF to
ACC and back.

Don't play with your central locking circuit. I don't know why you
would be told to do anything with that.

> As for the audio hookup, a couple of posts said that things are
> easier if you have the power antenna in the rear-driver quarter-panel
> of the car, and that this wire can be spliced into below the cargo
> deck.  While this bit of info does help, I don't really know
> where to
> begin. 

I assume you have a power antenna in the rear of the car? OK, pull up
the "carpet" on the back panel. I'm sure you know about the relay
compartment above the battery on the left. There is a similar
compartment on the right. Pull the wooden cover out. Your power
antenna line runs through here. In fact there should be a connector
right there. It's a thick black connector, you can't miss it. You can
tap in right there.

Now I am sure I have confused you even more; feel free to ask more
detailed questions and I will do my best to help. If you don't have a
voltmeter/multimeter and/or don't know how to use one, ask. I'll tell
you, it's very easy, and you can buy one for under $10. This will make
your life much easier and reduce the risk of screwing up (electrical
screw-ups = smoke and fire. Very bad.)


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