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RE: [DMCForum] Re: The Resurrection of Vixen Continues...

A router works well with aluminum.  Be careful with the hot chips.

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I feel your pain. Pigeon Forge deadline is staring at me too. Was planning
to spend this weekend prepping my DeLo for engine swap early next week. Just
found out an hour ago that corporate headquarters is moving our office to a
new location (which they leased sight unseen!) that same week. Is the last
thing I need on top of an already complicated engine swap. Still haven't
engineered a throttle cable...

I'm going to Pigeon Forge, in a Mark V if nothing else (the NEWEST vehicle
in my stable is an '85 truck with 200K on the odometer -- guarantee I'll be
there in a vintage vehicle of some ilk). Would dearly love to make the trip
in a carbureted DeLo, but at this point there's no promise.

If my DeLo makes it, will be without any cosmetics of any sort, save for
whatever magic Mike Cohee can work in his driveway.

Stressful, isn't it...

BTW: my carb adapter is coming out wonderfully. Have discovered I can work a
block of aluminum about as easily as I work oak. If the weatherman
cooperates (I have no basement, garage, workshop, etc -- work outdoors in
the driveway) should be finished tonight. Adapter takes two barrels into a
single humongous manifold venturi, hopefully vacuum tight.

Wish us both luck...

Bill Robertson

>--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Dave Stragand" <dave.stragand@xxxx>
> Hi All,

> I've been working about 60 hours a week on the car since the
beginning of
> May, when I got laid off for the third time in a year.  Most of my
time has
> been consumed working on my "special project", which used over 600
feet of
> wiring and took about two weeks.  I think I can solder connectors in
> my sleep now, but it's finally all wired up and working.  On now to
> the

> I installed new Walt TABs, fixed various leaks, installed a 165 amp
> alternator, refinished my exhaust tips, installed an Optima battery,
> the ground effects, and replaced the driver's door.  Dan Plakosh
came over
> to help me align the doors and body panels, and he helped greatly in
> respects.  Both doors now travel up and down rather smoothly, and
have good
> panel alignment as well.

> The lower piston pin on that side is bent, though, and the door does
> not travel fully upwards.  Dan is coming to the rescue again, as he
> has
a spare
> Grady reinforcing bracket which we are going to install tonight.
> that will fix the situation.

> In any event, the major projects are almost all done, and my
> state inspection is this Friday.  Fortunately, I'm exempt from the
> portion, as the car has only had 65 miles put on it in the last 5
> years. Everything else should be fine, since just about every
> component
checked in
> our suspension is brand new (tires, all parts of the brakes, the
> entire suspension, the steering, all of the bulbs, the exhaust, etc.) 
> As a
> I'm having the inspection done in my own driveway rather than having
> to bring it down to the station.  Not having to take it down there is
> a big relief.

> That brings me to another point.  As time goes on and Pigeon Forge
> gets closer, my emotions are swinging wildly.  At times, I'm anxious
> to
get the
> car out on the road, while at other times I'm afraid to even back
the car
> out of the garage.  I'm hoping this will change soon, as we need to
> putting some miles on the car this weekend.  We can't leave for PF
> breaking the car in some.

> Left to go:

> Clean engine compartment, glue down louver bump strips, install hood
> repaint all external black trim, brush out the finish, touch-up engine
> cover, align trunk lid, and seal access panels in trunk

> Get new keys cut, install decals, install door seals, recover
> turbo gauge and vents, and window switches stencil

> See you in Pigeon Forge!

> -Dave

> VIN #05927
>  <>
> (webcam!)
> "VixenWebcam" on AOL IM

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