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Re: [DMCForum] Re: "Precision Engineered" DeLoreans

Jeez, you really haven't read the books have you Bill?

I take exception to the apparently derogatory comment about Lotus being
bad quality, considering they were and are at the cutting edge of
performance road cars. Protoype #1 as you put it was the ERM design
championed by Bill Collins. The fibreglass production model was down to
Lotus TRIED AND TESTED methods used in the Esprit.

We too are supplying new pulley bearings. It isn't rocket science -
measure the inside diameter of the pulley, measure the outside diameter
of the spindle, measure the width of the old race, ring up a bearing
manufacturer and say you want a deep groove bearing that needs to be
splash proof and take a high-ish temperature.

I for one am very glad that the automotive industry has the sense to
invest in development so we don't still drive around in old tanks with
mahoosive engines burning huge amounts of fuel for a piffling amount of
power to shift several tons of unneccessary metal around.

Fastest way to diagnose a lost ground is with a continuity test

I really cant be bothered to reply to the rest of the e-mail.


content22207 wrote:

> The DeLorean opened to lukewarm reviews Re: engineering, and it's gone
> downhill ever since. Basically we're dealing with running chassises
> designed by Lotus (there's British quality for you), onto which JZD
> grafted what was left of his beloved plastic car concept. The silly
> things were never properly debugged to begin with. They built a couple
> of prototypes (Number 1 of which is so radically different from the
> final product as to barely qualify -- it's more of a concept car),
> then said "great, fire up the production line" (singular, which only
> worked the daytime shift!). We're all driving what should have been
> prototypes, the problems of which would have been corrected in a final
> product worthy of its MSRP.
> For the price of a DeLorean you could have purchased *TWO* Mark V's.
> Let's compare them:
> - 100% leather interior vs just the seat faces (door panels are vinyl
> on all except Collector's, not Designer's, Series)
> - 12 & 14 gauge wiring harness vs 16 & 18 gauge
> - Cast frame vs welded up sheet metal
> - Sewn headliners vs glued up fabric
> - Heavy duty switches that do not require the use of relays (only
> relays on a Mark V are horn and rear window defroster)
> - 6 way power seats vs 2 way manual seats
> - Bullet proof window regulators vs cheap ones with "at least five
> weaknesses" (Rob Grady's words, not mine)
> - Metal passenger compartment that will not crack in an accident
> - A dealer network that stood behind the car and actually ordered more
> from the factory
> Need I go on?
> Aren't you the same owner who was so disgusted with your DeLo that you
> were going to launch it, or drop it out of an airplane, or some such?
> Or do I have you confused with another unhappy person (you people of
> sour attitude seem to run together in my mind).
> BTW: my driver side otterstat pipe never had the propensity to tip up,
> dropping the connecting hose, when I was using one of John Hervey's
> formed pump hoses. After my A/C idler bearing disintegrated (quality
> engineering), and allowed the belt to nick that hose, I bought a
> replacement from one of the "real" vendors. Simply does not fit as
> well as John's. Problem has been fixed with a second otterstat pipe
> bracket.
> BBTW: If you remove the pump ground and check both terminals with an
> ice pick light, it will light up on each. Fastest way I know to
> diagnose a lost ground.
> For an idiot I've done a pretty good job of keeping a driveway full of
> vintage automobiles on the road for more than 2 decades. Of course
> Ford Motor Company does make that job easier. Still drive the same car
> I drove in high school. *NEWEST* vehicle in my stable is an '85 truck
> with 200,000 miles on the odometer. But what do I know, eh? If I truly
> am an idiot I'm not smart enough to recognize my own hobbled condition!
> Bill Robertson
> #5939

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