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[DMCForum] Re: Time for my fuel system fix

Thanks Brian! Yeah, 23 year old car, fuel components are bound to have
problems. My car is running and driving just fine if I keep her above
1/2 tank. Well, except for a minor hot start issue, but it hasn't left
me stranded or anything. I'll get this licked soon enough!

My A/C is running nice and cold now thanks to a new pressure switch,
replacement of a leaky valve, and a fresh charge. Hopefully that was
the only leak. They put the dye stuff in like yours, if it loses
pressure again they'll be able to track down exactly where.

I've rebuilt my mode switch and just reconnected a lost vaccumn line
earlier this evening, so the climate controls are working much better.
Also changed the circuit on the A/C panel lights to only come on when
the car's lights are on instead of running all the time. Had to
disconnect my buggy door lock system (remember that weird clicking?
Yep, you guessed it). I'm working on a replacement for that now.

So all I have left to do is:

1. Fuel system fix.
2. A tune up of some sort. The car goes "BlubBlubBlubBlubBbbb" when
decelerating, and idles quite rough. Not sure what to do to fix this yet.
3. Replace noisy blower.
4. Install a bunch of new parts that are on their way - door switches,
new struts, interior light, etc. :)
5. Some new radiator hoses. A couple of mine are looking pretty poor.
6. Power antenna replacement.
7. Recover center & rear headliner.
8. Door lock "brain" & rewrap driver's side lock solenoid (I've got
new wire on the way).
9. I want to update the fan circuit once I figure out where it's been
modified. Somebody changed something at some point in time. I'd like
to beat people who make wiring changes without documenting them. :)
10. Keeping a close eye on the master cylinder. I'm told it's brand
new, so the fluid under the carpet may have been left over from the
old one.
11. Upgraded alternator from SpecialT and a complete audio system
replacement. These will have to go hand-in-hand. The power amps I'm
looking at will have the DeLorean's electrical system for lunch
without some serious upgrades & direct battery connections.
12. Tinted windows.
13. Install the 2 way paging alarm system that's on it's way.
14. Eventually replace the door seals; at least around the upper part.

It looks like a lot but it's not all that bad. A pretty minor list in
my opinion. In the meantime I'm driving and enjoying the heck out of
the car on a daily basis. I hope you get your fuel problems solved
soon so you can get back on the road. Wish I could be of help!
Eventually I'll learn enough about the car that I'll be able to
contribute back to the DeLorean community. Hopefully that's sooner
rather than later.

Oh hey, I bought one of those posters you showed me on eBay tonight.
It's going to look good next to my other DeLorean stuff. Thanks for
showing that to me.


--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Brian" <TK581@xxxx> wrote:
> Wow Ryan... you and me both!!  I just ordered new fule parts from
> SpecialT. I'm preserving my old system becasue my hoses are still
> good.  Don't be too afreaid of it.. it sounds like you just need a
> few replacement parts versus a whole new system.  take heart and
> hopefully we will be driving together soon!!!!
> --- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Enid/Jeremiah
> <hispanicangeleyes@xxxx> wrote:
> > Ryan where do you live?  I'd love to come and help you
> > if you'd like face to face.  I think it would help you
> > get some confidence behind your car - plus it'd be a
> > good experience for me to help another owner.  If not,
> > I can give you some detailed instructions on what to
> > do in regards to changing the baffle kit.  Get John's
> > baffle kit; it is fail proof and well worth the money.
> >  It's only $60, and I'll tell you right now it will
> > save you so much hassle.  I can walk you through it
> > and help you install it.  I have a cell phone that I
> > could use to call you on the weekend and walk you
> > through it step by step if you'd like.  Best thing to
> > do is siphon as much gas out as you can.  Try to get
> > some plastic tubs to put the gas in, that will make
> > changing the kits much easier and safer for you.
> > Holler back to me and we'll talk about it if you want.
> >  Let me know!
> >
> > Jeremiah
> >
> > 
> > --- ryanpwright <yahoo1@xxxx> wrote:
> > > Figured out why my car has problems during turns
> > > with less than 1/2 a
> > > tank: I pulled the fuel pump tonight and the pickup
> > > hose that connects
> > > to the bottom is gone. It's been torn off. A bracket
> > > holding a tiny
> > > piece of hose is all that remains.
> > >
> > > I assume I just need this fuel baffle kit from
> > > SpecialT I've been
> > > hearing about? If not, what should I buy?
> > >
> > > Even more important, though, I'd love some advice on
> > > how to safely
> > > remove the old junk and install the new. I sat there
> > > in my garage -
> > > door open & venting fan running - while the bluish
> > > pool of fuel stared
> > > ominously back at me. Putting my hand in did not
> > > look like an
> > > enjoyable task, so I just put the pump back in for
> > > now. Are there
> > > special gloves I can buy?
> > >
> > > Thank you for your help,
> > >
> > > -Ryan
> > >
> > >
> > >
> >
> >
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