[DMCForum] Re: Fuel system updates - help!! long long long...
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[DMCForum] Re: Fuel system updates - help!! long long long...

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Walter Coe" <Whalt@xxxx> wrote:

> Hi Brian,
> This could be from sucking air (low fuel or hole/tear in
> fuel suction hose).  Maybe the suction screen is clogged or
> rotted apart.  That would allow chunks to clog the pump.
> The hot start problem could be caused by junk lodged in the
> fuel pump's check valve keeping it open.  Or it could be
> caused by a bad accumulator or whatever.

Did not think of that!!  I did a visual inspection and have not
pulled anything out of the tank yet.  I just wanted to make sure
that there wasn't some small yet important advice I was missing
before I do this such as pulling a hose and getting a face full of
gas sprayed at me.  I will pull the pump out and check for the
possible problems with rot and clogs.  But even before the fateful
night of bucking the car would top out at 2K RPM then shoot out to
3K even if my preasure on the accelerato as constant.  It was most
apparant in 2nd and 3rd (this is a 5 speed bty)

> Replacing the accumulator is a really tough job.  You run
> the risk of kinking hard lines, not being able to properly
> attach new hoses, etc.   My advice: don't try this
> at home. 

Sound advice - I will put this as a last resort priority.

> The only kind of replacement hose that I have liked so far
> is what PJ Grady sells. 

The hoses look like they are in very good condition as well as the
rubber - still soft and flexible.  I found no fuel system procedures
on the past mechanic bills though so I'm not sure if these are
original or not.  I would assume not due to the good looks of them. 

> > If you do go ahead and replace the pump, or hoses I would
> definitely
> recommend the new baffle unit sold by SpecialTAuto.

I have dealt with them before and he is very helpful.  I was going
to purchase from him again...

If you buy his
> baffle, I recommend asking first if he is aware of and
> corrected this problem.  If you're not on a tight budget, I
> suggest keeping the fuel baffle original.  The suction hose
> made by Ken K (sold by PJ Grady) is the best.  This way the
> fuel suction screen can touch the bottom of the tank.  This
> makes it less apt to suck air without transmitting fuel pump
> vibrations.  If the suction screen on the SpecialTAuto rig
> touches the bottom of the tank, a lot more vibration will be
> heard.  If it's too high then you won't be able to use all
> the fuel in the tank.

Okay... I hate to admit but yes, my budget is tight.  SOunds like I
will make sure the connections are sound and that the tank never
goes too empty.  In fact, my guage is not responsive so I'm going by
mileage now anyways.  Perhaps I'm lucky and all the hardware is in
good order and all I really need is the pump itself which will be a
straight replacement in the old system.
> Fuel pump boots only last about 5 to 7 years of normal use.
> No one makes a boot that is worth a shit.  Of all that I've
> seen, I like Don Steger's boot & cover the best.  The boot
> cover that PJ Grady sells looks exactly like OEM, but it
> shrinks & turns rock hard in the presence of fuel vapors.
> Walt

Thanks Walt!!  I'm going to poke and prod some more before I make my
shopping list.  My brother/mechanic will assisit me in this and all
your sugestions are appreciated!

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