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RE: [DMCForum] DeLorean on Cold Case Show


Actually, when I dream, even if it's daylight in the dream, it's
usually night by the time I wake up. As if it weren't strange enough,
I usually have a different girlfriend in each dream. Where these women
come from I'll never know -- I've never met any of them in real life.
And they all seem apprehensive about the DeLorean -- usually I'm
driving it (or trying to) alone. It's a grey interior, which makes
sense since that's the kind I'd prefer here in the hot south, and also
since I have only ever been in Louie's which has (or had at the time)
a grey interior. I have also had a dream about driving my truck,
except that it was a manual transmission, which I've never had to
drive in real life. But in the dream it was surprisingly easy to drive
it. :)

These days I'd rather dream about cars than women anyhow. Although,
the women in my dreams make sense and act logically, and aren't all
narcissistic, self-obsessed, manipulative and ignorant like the ones
in real life. Just like the cars in my dreams all work pretty well,
once they get going. Although there was that scary one where I was
driving in the woods in a DeLorean thinking "Man, I'm tearing up the
underside of this car!!!"

Feel free to ignore any or all paragraphs above ... LOL

-- Farrar

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      > You have a TV now?  I am going into shock...
      No Greg.  I was at my mom's.  She left her TV on, and
      suddenly I thought I saw a flicker that looked like the
      front of a DeLorean.  I wasn't sure of what I saw.
      > The last thing the man needs is more bad publicity; in my
      opinion it is sadly too late for
      Farrar, calm down.  We are talking about there being a
      DeLorean CAR on a who-done-it show.  And you thought we were
      talking about JZD?  You're too funny.  :-)
      > Speaking of DeLorean on the brain, I've had several dreams
      about the car, and
      Dude! -- that is too weird.  In most of my driving dreams,
      I'm driving the DeLorean.  I've had about every possible
      thing happen.  I've had it transform from car to PWC(boat).
      Nice riding experience.  Usually I'm just driving around
      country roads.  As if it isn't cool enough driving a
      DeLorean for real, I get to drive one when I dream --
      barefoot too.  Life is good.
      Dreaming of a black interior uses less brain chemicals.  I
      sometimes see that retinal-burn effect when I suddenly wake
      up dreaming of something bright.  I can keep blinking my
      eyes in a mostly dark room and still see an after-image of
      the dream like it made spots from a camera flash.  If you
      ever want to try it, next time you know you are dreaming,
      dream of a very bright sunset and you are looking directly
      into it.  Then quickly wake yourself up and open your eyes.
      I do it, and I see an after-burn image just like I looked at
      a REAL sunset.  Awesome!  Okay, I'm getting
      Just ignore that last paragraph... or paragraphs.
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