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Re: [DMCForum] Re: FatBoy.

>I assume your talking about the car with the Legend engine.  He
>tracks the DML so well, I would think he knows.  Although, I have 3
>DeLoreans so he may not be able to keep track of which one I am
>talking about.
It's funny you should say that, but he'd have to follow it _really_
close to know this IMO. I know because I've met you and your car, and
seen you write about it a couple of times. As to its conditoin, well....
Fatboy (Ed or not) wants all owners to have pristine DeLoreans. It's an
understandable position, but to slam those who derive satisfaction from
a less than perfect DeLorean which they can tinker and work on
themselves is missing the point of a large part of the fun of classic
cars. My motto, when it comes to DeLoreans is "There's no such thing as
a bad DeLorean, only a bad owner". I went to see a recently imported D
belonging to a friend. He is on a budget and isn't stupid when it comes
to a toolbox. I was asked "what's it like"? By another friend. I wasn't
sure what to say - the car is in a bit of a state, but it's in perfect
hands for a car in that state! I prefer seeing a DeLorean in poor shape
in the hands of a good owner nursing it back to health, than a mint
DeLorean that's pampered and only driven on sunny days for 50 miles a
year by an owner who knows bugger all about it other than it makes his
manhood bigger. Who's likely to spend more at D1?

>I admit, 1860 does need a new set of headliners and the passenger
>door needs some adjustment (The lock hangs up sometimes)..  But I
>LOVE my new NOS seat covers (Thanks to your friend Martin).  That was
>the best money I spent on the restoration of this car.  OH, and the
>rear view mirror sticky pad :)
I don't actually know Lee Patterson except by reputation, which is
excellent. I could have done you a set new full leather for a similar
amount, made by the original triming people..... We've got a car with
NOS seat covers (about a year old now) and mine are more comfortable,
and look nicer. But I would say that :-) I'm sure, given time and money,
1860 will be a great car - saggy headliners happens to us all. Being
able to recover them now myself, it ceases to be a problem. Ditto
jamming locks. Who hasn't had that? Are you a bad owner for not having
got around to it yet? My driver's door lock has never worked since I got
the car - it's an early style one and I can only replace with new locks
which aren't correct for the car. So I've put remote locking in it and
will work out what the barrel is and replace it one day.

>Speaking of Ed, and Legend...  He still claims to have a Legend
>engine, but in reality what he has is the engine that was touring the
>country to promote the Twin Turbo DeLorean.  For shipping purposes,
>many internal parts were missing.
Hmmmm. Crank? Hahahaha

>Stephen told me in Memphis that he was there when Ed got this engine
>running.  Said he had to have the pistons custom machined, and did
>some other questionable things to make it run.  The engine was in a
>car for a while, and everyone that saw it said it ran like crap. 
>Under any acceleration it was knocking and sounded awful.  This is
>probably why he removed it, and has it on display in his shop now. 
>Less of an embarrassment on all of the wasted time and money he put
>in to it.  All he has to show for is is a cool looking display (which
>he had before he touched it!).  IMHO, it would have been worth more
>for historical value if he did not screw around with it.

My PRV guy would LOVE to get hold of your engine - I bet Ed would too,
and not just for interests' sake....



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