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Cylinders are identical. I have one of each (Juley's not the only one
with an AMC). Compared them side by side. Even the part number cast
into the cylinder is the same. I'm more certain of this than I am of
importance of low RPM torque over high RPM "horsepower" (what an
illusory measurement, since torque is one of the required variables
necessary to calculate HP!).

DeLorean clutch master uses 1/4" SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
hydraulic fittings. When I blew the piston out of my old one (rebuilt
it, with an AMC kit thank you very much, rather than replace because
the big Autozone warehouse was out of them at that time. They're back
in stock now), I used an SAE plug to cap off the outbound port. Of
course it threaded in and sealed perfectly.

Note that AMC used a different clutch master on the 6 cylinder. That
reservior is built in, not remotely located. Don't think one of those
would fit.

The pedal linkage is of course proprietary to DeLorean. You'll have to
transfer your old one to the new cylinder. Even if you rebuild it, the
linkage has to come off. No big deal -- has a big knob sandwiched
between the piston and a washer/lockring into the cylinder. Squeeze
the lock ring and it falls right out.

AMC used a steel hydraulic line to the reservior, so you'll need to
transfer DeLorean's 3/8" hose barb too. Again no sweat. Mine turned
off a bit too easily for my tastes.

Be careful with the brake hone. The rubber seal on the piston ain't
hittin' on much. Take off too much material, or oval shape the
cylinder, and it won't ever work right again. Made that mistake when I
first rebuilt my AMC's back in the 1980's. Am now running a parts
house replacement (CarQuest, which doesn't list it anymore), rebuilt
one more time with the BrakeWare kit. I just clean the cylinder out
with solvent, flush it REAL well with brake fluid, then reassemble
everything with the new rubber (that's all you get in the $15 rebuild
kit -- 2 pieces of rubber and a wave washer. Oh, they do give you a
new cap and seal for the end -- have fun stretching it over the washer
that holds the pedal linkage!).

Regarding thread patterns: you've got a smorgasborg to choose from:
- UNF (also known as "air brake". UNF-A is male and UNF-B is female,
if I remember correctly. Sizes match actual pipe diameters)
- NPT (this is the one plumbers use, especially fun because the pipe
sizes DO NOT match actual pipe diameters -- 1/8" NPT is something like
3/8" actual. Comes tapered and untapered)
- SAE 45 degree (most automobile hydraulic systems. Diameter is of
course tube, not fitting itself)
- JIC 37 degree (same TPI and diameters as SAE, but the flare is
different and won't seal)
- BSPT (British version of NPT. Pipe sizes are the same, but TPI is
*ONE* thread greater!)
- Compression -- same TPI as one of the above, but diamters are
different. Doesn't really matter because they won't seal without their
own special ferrules.

Then there are the European patterns...

Bill Robertson

>--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "cruznmd" <racuti1@xxxx> wrote:
> Bill says:
> "If anyone's interested: 1981 and later AMC
> Spirit 4 cylinder (151 inch) clutch master cylinder is 100% identical
> to DeLorean (transfer your old pedal linkage and reservior hose barb).
> $79.95 at Autozone.
> Bill Robertson
> #5939"
> My question:
> Is the master cylinder threaded for an imperial or metric hydraulic
> line fitting? An American car that old probably didn't use metric
> hardware. The cylinder may be identical, but it might have been
> tapped for a non-metric fitting.
> Am I making any sense?
> Rich A.
> #5335

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