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RE: [DMCForum] Front Brake Rotors


The post was from me. I made the swap. They do fit. Here's my original post
about it:

Saturday morning I picked up my front calipers from Advance Auto. If you
recall I ordered the 1977 Mercury Capri versions and not the 1976 (as is
most commonly recognized as a cross reference). The part numbers for
1976-1978 were all identical so I was pretty safe.

When I got the calipers back to the garage I found that, indeed, they did
fit! Passenger side went on without a hitch. The drivers side required me to
cut a very very small (about 1" long and 1/8" deep) notch out of the brake
line mounting bracket. A quick zip of the Dremel and the passenger side was

The total cost of these two calipers was $99. Not a bad deal considering the
cheapest I could find were John Hervey's rebuilt ones for $65 apiece.

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At 11:36 AM 4/4/2004, you wrote:
>Recently, someone posted information about Capri Rotors being
>interchangeable with The DMC front rotors.
>I have not been able to locate that post.
>Would someone please repost that information.

Nope. Capri CALIPERS will interchange, but rotors seem to be unique to the
DeLorean. Try for the rotors. They have the best price I
have seen, although if anyone else knows of cheaper I would be happy to
know about it.

Here is the info for interchange on the brakes. I have tested the Raybestos
brand part numbers listed below on my car and they are a perfect fit.

front:  front calipers for a 1976 Mercury Capri (engine size doesn't matter
if they ask)

rear: rear calipers for a 1979 Jaguar XJS  (engine size doesn't matter if
they ask)

The fronts are pretty reasonable, but since the rear ones are from a Jag,
they're automatically rarer and more expensive. When you go pricing these,
be sure to ask if the item they are quoting is "loaded" or "unloaded",
meaning - does it include the pads or not. The rear calipers do NOT include
the parking brake components.

I prefer GOOD parts so I bought Raybestos, which I consider to be the best
remanufactured calipers. They were a bit more expensive, especially for the
rears, but I prefer this brand over ones like A1 Cardone or the AutoZone
house brand.

Part numbers below are for loaded calipers and prices are from
Checker/Shucks/Kragen, if you live in the western US. All of these are
"loaded", or in other words, they have the pads included. Raybestos makes a
good pad IMO. Pricing was obtained from and verified with the
local Checker. You could order from the online store. The Raybestos part
numbers are their own, not Checker's, so you can use that part number
anywhere that handles Raybestos parts.

LF     Raybestos   RC3004   $56
        A1 Cardone  17-245   $59

RF     Raybestos   RC3003   same as left
        A1 Cardone  17-244       "

LR     Raybestos   RC3856   $162
        A1 Cardone  17-769   $115

RR     Raybestos   RC3855   same as left
        A1 Cardone  17-768       "

Mark N
VIN 6820

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