Re: [DMCForum] A quick update on my lean/rich problem.
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Re: [DMCForum] A quick update on my lean/rich problem.


Great work. I'm impressed. Always nice to hear of your adventures and of
a car that is finally getting some badly-needed TLC.

Just one question: What will you be using as a rust inhibitor? Have you
found something that will bond with the remaining epoxy? I'm no chemist
so I'm always curious about how one thing will react with another.


Enid/Jeremiah wrote:
>  To anyone who wanted to know how this area of my car is doing, here is a quick update.

>   Casey and myself have removed the intake manifold and the "water manifold".  There was so much dirt piled up it was sick.  I've never seen anything so sad in all my life (DeLorean related at least).  We so far have thoroughly cleaned the block and are now getting ready to order parts tomorrow.  Along the dismantling, we found areas of multiple vacuum leaks, 2 of 6 injectors were dripping, and there was water (not antifreeze) around my spark plugs(probably helping the "erratic" idling).  The water got there because the day before I cleaned my engine, and unfortunately I didn't put my spark plug wires completely on from an earlier repair job, so water got on plugs and poof - 2 plugs were out.  In a funny side note, one of the plugs that wasn't firing was the plug that had the exhaust leak, so when I drove I had no "lawnmower" sound which was kind of entertaining for the 1 block or so I drove it like that.  So THAT's how quiet a DeLorean should sound ;).

>   My new rack and pinion just arrived yesterday with mounts and rubber mounts (just to be safe).  I also finally got the correct louver struts so I can open my louvers without worying about warping my SS rear panels.  I'm also getting my front wheel bearings pressed soon, so my front brakes excluding the calipers will be said and done as well.  I also obtained my thirteen piece SS fuel line set, and I'm ordering my new fuel distributor tomorrow.  I can't wait to get to Pigeon Forge (knocks on stainless).  With all repsect given to Dave because he has truly rebuilt his car, I'm tempted to ask him if I could dub mine the "Mini-Vixen" ;).  I've left alot of details out from everyone here due to time constraints; believe me when I say - I have almost restored each section of 3299.  The front, middle, rear, electrical, fuel system, brakes, tranny,'s been a fast road.  I've easily spent almost now 10k in repairs in just four months of ownership, but that's ok - becau
se this is
>  probably what was 23 years of maintenance that no one kept up.  I'm repainting my engine and then applying rust inhibitors to portions of the frame I can access (mainly the front and rear portions).

> On a great note, I lubricated my angle drive and installed my new adapter cup.  Got in my car, prayed, started it, and drove about 3 miles.  My spedometer works again!!!  I got it up to what I believe (due to the fact sometimes the spedometer can be off when first working again) was 45 mph before I parked it to start my engine restoration last week.

> Sorry if I bored anyone/seemed like I was rubbing things in.  I'm just very excited as PF is only about 90 days away.  I've worked very hard, put in alot into my car, and been on my knees praying and been humbled through all of the repairs proccesses.  I'm tempted to ask Ken if he could make a "Most amount of repairs in the smallest ownership time" award.  I'm confident that I'd win hands down ;).  I also want to replace all my calipers and install a new fuel unit before I get up to PF.  Don't want to look silly out of gas on the side of the road ;).

> See everyone there!
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