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Thanks for the Kind words,I have NEVER EVER LIED,if You check the
back archives on the DML,you will also see I have been Very Helpful
to all DMLers,The problem is I am "little"person and and am against a
Popular Vendor, that everybody wishes to stay on their good side
with,So who in everybodies eyes is the "bad" person,Of Course there
is NO choice on that,it would have to be me of Course! I am sticking
up for my self,he has all these guys ganging up on me.

You guys on Robs side,I am sending up a Olive Branch,

I will call a truce if you want it

I am tired of all this!!

This MUST end now,shake hands,you go your way,I will NEVER Mention
any of this stuff again,and you guys do the same.

Let us get back to the real thing that has always counted,The
Friendship,that Brought us all together in the first place.

To Help each other,to support each other,to "Live the Dream"

and most important the Car itself the Delorean,and all the Good
things it promises.

After 22yrs of Deloreans I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO END My Relationship
with Deloreans in this fashion

Please let me know,and I will
Make peace and Both sides will NEVER ever ever Talk about this AGAIN

That is My Honerable Pledge with you and Your Group.

With all Due Respects

--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Stuart Alexander"
<stuartalexander@xxxx> wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> Thanks for the email.  I wasn't even aware of this forum before you
told me,
> guess it's not moderated...  I read the thread which seemed to get
a bit
> unpleasent.  It never fails to amaze me how people air their
personal crap
> in public.
> When I bought 16686 the previous owner put me in touch with Claude
> someone who had restored the car in 1988.  I've been in contact
with him
> before and to be honest I've only ever found him to be helpful. 
He's sent
> me a video of the car before, during and after his work aswell as
> original newspaper classified ad featuring the car before he bought
it.  I
> have no reason to believe he hasn't been truthful with me and the
> seems to bear this out showing a car with a two tone interior in
> condition after his work, far from a POS....
> Thanks for contributing to the discussion on my behalf and setting
> record straight.  It's not nice to have people spread derogatory
> about my car on a public forum, particularly when they have never
seen it
> themselves.
> Are you going to Alexandra Palace this weekend?  16686 will be on
the stand
> - hardly the place for a POS!
> Stuart
> #16686  (now WWE751Y)
> >Not getting involved in this, but I know the owner and have worked
on 16686
> >which now resides in England with its new owner Stuart Alexander.
The car
> >is far from a POS, being a very tidy, surprisingly quick DeLorean.
It has
> >the two-tone interior, and I personally did the accumulator on it
> >summer. We also recently sold a manifold gasket kit and cat bypass
> >Stuart. I saw it last weekend where Stuart was proudly taking non-
owner DOC
> >club members for a drive. It's featured in this article
> >
> >http://www.lotusespritworld.co.uk/EHistory/DeLorean.html
> >
> >I have BCC'd Stuart on this e-mail. Stuart, there's a
healthy "debate"
> >going on on DMCForum involving the previous owner of your car.
> >
> >Martin
> >
> >>>FWIW, your "other buyer" would have not shipped all
> >>>that crap back to Europe...  And I hear the complete
> >>>car you sold (#16686??) also ended up in Europe,
> >>>because the American buyer dumped it, it was such a
> >>>POS...  Maybe standards are lower across the pond?
> >>>
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
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