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Re: [DMCForum] Re: unmoderated user --- IN GOD WE TRUST

See below!

--- Shannon Yocom <ssdelorean@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >soapbox<
> The term "separation of church and state" is NOT in
> there. That term is a
> political interpretation to twist the original
> intentions of the document. If
> repeated enough they hope it to become truth.
> America was created by people who
> left England because they were being told by the
> government what their religion
> should be & how to worship. The whole point of what
> the mis-interpreted part of
> "seperation of church and state" is that the US
> Government can NOT form an
> established religion.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment
of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;
or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and
to petition the government for a redress of

So, your saying "God" is NOT religion?  You have got
to be kidding.

> Our coins reflect the belief of our "founding
> fathers" who were refering to God
> as Jesus's Dad, but that "God" shouldn't hinder
> anyone else's views on what god
> they choose to worship because of our freedoms to
> worship whatever god you want.

Jesus's dad?  See, you assume all Americans are some
form of Christianity..  Newsflash, WE DON'T ALL

The fact that we have any mention of "God" in
government or law is an endorsement of Monotheism.
Again, how can you claim that this is not an
establishment of an "official religion" within the
government?  PROHIBITED by the first amendment.

> And to atheists, agnostics, etc. ... like it or not
> this country was founded by
> Christians but they were nice enough to include them
> too. You are free to worship
> or NOT worship whomever or whatever.
> >/soapbox<

This is the typical attitude of Christian Americans...
The Europeans (I assume this is who you mean when you
say "founded by") who settled here and established the
government we now live with were escaping religious
prosecution.  They were smart enough to write the law
of the land in such a way as to escape the religious
influence on government.  Unfortunately, over the
years the two have become mixed again.  Under the
current administration it is at it's worst.

FYI, "In God We Trust" was added as a motto to
American money in the late 1800's.  The words "Under
God" was added to the flag salute in 1954! (Not that
long ago!)

Just because religion has been slowly working its way
in to our government over the past 150 or so years
does NOT in ANY WAY show example that this country was
founded by Christians, FOR Christians (and you are all
nice enough to let the rest of us stay).

Remember this:  Christianity is a young religion.  For
the past 2000 years they have been converting people
in a number of ways, many inhumane (Spanish
inquisition anyone??  Wonder if Mel Gibson will make a
movie about that!).  If it were not for the fact that
some ancestor of yours for whatever reason decided (or
was forced to) convert, you would not be Christian

You believe what you want, but at the point where you
say this is YOUR country, and you are nice enough to
let me stay here is probably the day you should really
reflect on your ideas as a fellow human being.  Put
yourself in someone else's shoes...  Maybe in a few
hundred years your great grand children will all be
forced to pray to L.Ron Hubbard?

> Marc,
> I know Claude's ramble'ns may have your blood boil'n
> so please don't take this as
> an attack on you. My tone is purely technical. If I
> have any rage or animosity it
> is directed towards the commies who are trying to
> take our rights away, people
> who think they have a right to a big screen TV,
> idiot drivers who don't use their
> blinker & drive slow in the overtaking lane. Oh yeah
> an Micro$oft.

Nope.. and my response it also technical..  Ken and
Chris Koncelic and I have had some heated religious
discussions like this, and they still stay at my house
whenever they are in New Jersey!

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