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Re: [DMCForum] Towing a DMC-12 [was:] Help, Andrei's Fallen Into the HP Trap [Slightly T]

Many years ago my parents had a '93 Ford Aerostar with a 3.0 v6 and it pulled our 21' ski boat, which with trailor and all I'm sure weighed roughly as much as a DeLo does. DeLoreans weigh a little more than 2800 lbs btw. The van had no problems BACKING the boat up my driveway, which Bill can attest to, is one hell of a slope. Unless you have a really cheap cheesy aftermarket towing kit, your little truck should do just fine. -Louie

--- "Farrar Russell Carroll Hudkins" <fhudkins@xxxxxxx> wrote:

That having been said, do you think I could pull a DMC-12 with my 3.0L

Ranger? (I'd be using one of those "dollies" which allow it to go on

two wheels.) I forget the tongue weight - the manual's in the glovebox

right now and I'm at work. How much does a DeLorean weigh? 2700+ lbs

IIRC ... any more precise figures out there?


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      Andrei, Andrei, Andrei -- don't fall into the HP trap.


      Horsepower is calculated from 2 numbers: Torque and RPM's. An


      that "only" produces a couple hundred HP, but does so at low

RPM's, is

      MUCH more powerful than an engine rated even higher at high



      Consider a semi trailer tractor. "Only" puts out 300-400 HP.

But it

      does so at 1,500 RPM. Do you suppose your Porsche -- with the

same HP

      rating -- could pull 80,000 lbs as that tractor does? The

answer is of

      course "no" because it would never be able to rev anywhere

near its

      power band (actually it would stall the minute you let the

clutch out).


      Domestic big blocks have tremendous torque -- 3 or 4 times as

much as

      a little sports car engine. That's why you see people towing

boats and

      trailers with a Cadillac, but never a Honda.


      FYI: HP = Torque x RPM / 5252.


      The 450 HP rating of your 454 is probably a gross number,


      out of the vehicle with no accessories on the front. That's

the way

      American manufacturers did it in the 1960s. Actual net HP in

the car

      averaged a hundred ponies or so lower. Domestic manufacturers


      to net HP ratings at the same time they dropped compression

ratios --

      lower compression does lower HP, but not as badly as the 1972


      make it appear.


      If you're having problems with the 454 in your boat, consider

a Ford

      460. I know it's a popular marine application.


      Bill Robertson



      >--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Andrei Cular"

<andreic@xxxx> wrote:

      > I'll have a charged battery and fuel waiting for your

arrival.  I would

      > really like to run the engine a little, it has been about a

year since I

      > even turned it over.  But I did poor some mystery oil into




      > 1200lb of steel is a bit much considering it only puts out

450hp.  A


      > 944 can run 350hp for 200k miles with no problem and the

block and head

      > can't weigh more than 120lb.  Its only 200k cause the car

isn't that old

      > yet.


      > Andrei



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      > Subject: [DMCForum] Re: Fixing Andrei's Engine [OT]



      > > I can fix that...

      > >

      > > Seriously, my biggest objection to 1970's emissions is the


      > > Goldberg way manufacturers went about it. Studying one of

those vacuum

      > > diagrams gives me a headache. All it takes is one leaking

check or

      > > delay valve to render the car undriveable. Ford used both

hot and cold

      > > ported vacuum switches, and woe to the owner who got them


      > > Just give me one vacuum line (ported from the carburetor)

straight to

      > > my distributor and I'm happy.

      > >

      > > If the old model engines upset Uncle Sam so much,

manufacturers should

      > > have put them to rest rather than strangling them with all

this add on

      > > crap.

      > >

      > > On the plus side -- it is very easy to remove it all and

return an

      > > engine back to its original design (less square bore carb,

flat top

      > > pistons, and low/closed chamber heads of course).

      > >

      > > I also plug the EGR port, which after 100,000 miles has so

much soot

      > > and carbon built up as to basically have plugged itself


      > >

      > > Breakerless ignition *IS* cool. I converted my 1969 model

engine to a

      > > neat little unit Pertronix puts out. Mounts inside the


      > > where the points used to be. Allowed me to keep the

original advance

      > > curve, which is probably the only aspect of that engine

that could

      > > make Martin happy.

      > >

      > > Re: excessive metal in big blocks -- you're not supposed

to be able to

      > > hold one up towards the sun and see light shining


      > >

      > > Bill Robertson

      > > #5939





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