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[DMCForum] New Sound Progress! The noise is gone.

I can give you a better idea now.  Here's a great story for all of you to enjoy.  Yesterday I was running on fumes....
I work (in my 2 weeks notice now) at the front desk for a hotel here in Pensacola.  Well, we had an airline crew who had left half an hour ago (say it was around 5:30pm).  One of the crew members had forgotten their airline badge.  Without that badge, their flight could not leave.  We tried getting the shuttle driver to take it to the airport, but there was no driver.  So me and another coworker had to make a decision as to who was going to take the badge to the airport.  I said I would go because it would be much easier for them to spot the DeLorean before they spotted his 94 Camry.  So off I go to the airport.  As I'm approachinig about 1 mile away, I go to hit the gas: "sputter sputter cough vra-vra-vra-sput vroom sput" goes my car.  I had to park in the middle of the road and then she began to idle normally again.  Having just had the transmission rebuilt, I was a little edgy about this.  I rejoin traffic and the car drives normally.  As traffic began to brake, so did I, and then
traffic began to accelerate, so I tried to accelerate with traffic and the same symptoms kicked in - the car nearly died in the middle of the road.
To Best Buy's parking lot I made it.  I was about 1 mile away from the airport.  I go into Best Buy looking for the only other DeLorean owner here in town: Dmc93n99.  A store representative tells me he's gone to lunch (7:00pm)....  I am 1 mile from the airport with a badge that must be delivered or the flight does NOT takeoff, my DeLorean will not drive now, and the one person that could help me was not at work...
These are the times you stop and breathe for a minute, look around, get a grip on the situation and make the best of things at hand.  I said a quick prayer to my Lord and just basically begged from my heart for Him to help me.  After that, I began to think to myself "Well, maybe...just maybe the DeLorean is out of gas".  So off I begin to walk from Best Buy to go through the main shopping mall (they are connected together), out their parking lot, down the street to a gas station to purchase a 1 gallon gas container and fill it up with 91 Mid-premium.  As I begin my walk before I even reach the shopping mall, I see Dmc83n99 headed my way.  I couldn't believe it; I was floored of all the times to see him right then and there.  After saying outloud "My savior!" out of pure joy; I describe to him the symptoms from being on the road to having the car in the parking lot.  We go to start the car "VROOMMM-spdgdgjdsjflsslan clunk!" it goes.  He says in the most nonchalant way I think I've
ever heard him say, "Dude, you're out of gas".  So I describe to him my scenario, and he was very understanding when I asked him "Could you do me a favor?".  He says "What's that?" and in my most sarcastically demanding way, I put out my hand and say "Keys!".  He was very gracious and lent me his car (Camaro).  He asked me, "You ever driven a Camaro?" "No."  He looks at me, "Way more power then you're used to, dude".  "Don't worry, I'll take it easy on it, man".
So out I walk to his Camaro.  Now keep in mind, this guy works as 2nd in command (I've inferred) of all of this Best Buy store.  This guy has all SORTS of goodies on this car.  Buttons, switches, multiflashers - you name it, it's somewhere on this car.  I have never driven a Camaro, and this was a newer car on top of that.  So I get the alarm deactivated, climb in.  Place key in the ignition, start it up.  A "VRUM" kicks in..not VROOM, VRUM.  Oh man, it was awesome.  I put it in reverse and just barely tap the accelerator. "RRRRRRRRRRTTTTT!!!!" go the tires!  I put it in drive and just ride with it.  Off to the airport I go, give that person their badge at LAST, and back I go to a gas station for a red canister and fuel...
So I get to a "Citgo/Tom Thumb", one of those big gas stations with like -12 pumps or so.  I get a canister, and fuel up 1 gallon of 91 Mid-Premium.  In the Camaro I go with the gas canister securely fastened.  OH YEAH - this whole story...it's been raining.  I don't mean a 5 minute drizzle; I'm talking a thorough, downpour.  Not a hurricane but not April showers either.  So back I go to Best Buy, and I placed the gas canister in the DeLorean (I almost walked inside with it - I can only imagine the attention I would have garnered doing that!).  I give 99 his keys back with many thanks and much praise, and I walk to the DeLorean for the true test of the night.
I go outside and open the trunk.  Of course this is the time the struts decide not to work.  So with holding the trunk with my back, I undo the fuel cap and begin to place the nozzle into the fueling tank.  One problem, the nozzle is TOO short.  I pull a "MacGuyver" and take apart my Pilot G2 pen on me to open the fueling area so the fuel can go in without stopping up.  Once I got all the one gallon of fuel in, I placed the canister back in the DeLorean, and I walk into Best Buy and head to their bathroom to clean up.  My leather coat is soaked, my shoes are almost squeaking with each step; I'm walking next to $1000+ TV's dripping wet...I just prayed nothing "mysteriously broke" while I was there.  I get to the bathroom, wash my pen off completely with soap and water as well my hands.  turn to the towel distributor - no towels.  With a soft sigh and maybe a little bit of a whimper I head back to the DeLorean with every prayer in the world in my heart.  I get in, sit a minute, say a
couple prayers, and crank.  The moment of truth - crank,crank,vra-vra-vroom-clunk!  I almost freak, and then I remembered 99 telling me it could take a couple of tries before it fires up.  I try again "Crank,crank,crank,vra,vra,vraddatah-VRROOM!"  I softly sighed, thanked the Lord for getting me through the night, and I softly wiped away the one or two tears I had on my face.
So back I drove to the same Citgo.  This had been a long long night; it was time to enjoy the better sides of owning a DeLorean. Pop, the doors both open; I go to fill the car with 91 Mid-premium.  I get aout four or five guys at different times admiring her, talking to me, enjoying the car.  It was great.  Went to a chicken restaurant for a well-deserved dinner.  I called into work and told them to clock me out; I'm not coming back.  Then I went to see one of my friends while she was at work.  I asked her if she wanted a ride in the DeLorean.  She jumped at the opportunity (so did I  8) !!), and I took her for a 10 minute drive in the car.  I went home, got in big trouble for not telling my lady where I had been or what had happened (and she was right; I should have called).  I let her win, konked out for 5.5 hours or so, and here I am at work again typing this now.
Wow, what a night.  I'm still recovering from it.  I can't wait to tell that one to my grandkids!  I'll still have the car to prove it ;)!

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