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[DMCForum] Re: Why I like this forum

I'm glad YOU'RE having so much fun. Personally feels like being nailed
to a cross sometimes. I even receive hate eMail off Forum!

What blows my mind is people give ME so much crap for *TRUE*
statements, then let obvious errors slide right by without comment:
-Lowering compression increases HP (normally aspirated engine)
-Tach redline indicates point of maximum HP
-A small engine with high HP numbers will out pull a large engine with
low HP numbers
-The optimum time for ignition spark is at the threshhold of detonation
-Engines do not produce vacuum
-Octane and methane are the same molecules
-Coil voltage is immaterial to mixture ignition
-DeLorean underbodies are not made of plastic
-An on and on and on

Wow, what a blast from the past.

If anyone comes up with an emoticon for shaking one's head, PLEASE
post an example. It will become my new signature.

Bill Robertson

>--- In DMCForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "twinenginedmc12"
<twinenginedmc12@xxxx> wrote:
> I like this forum.
> While Martin was away at robot camp, this list got really boring. 
> I'm so glad he's back, and that Bill and Martin are having their
> unresolvable and very entertaining conversations.  I'm amazed how
> civil they keep it, and how thoroughly they manage to disagree.  It's
> the best reason to read this forum, and if you disagree, well you're
> wrong. <<(pointless antagonism to provoke a response) 
> Of course I'm grateful too for Jim Strickland, who's always on duty,
> ready to prod the contestants back into action with a silly comment
> if they get tired of fighting.  It must take a lot of skill to know
> just what to say to get a response, without coming across as
> deliberately antagonistic.  I admire that. 
> I feel guilty for lurking around enjoying this forum without
> contributing any content, sometimes.  I'm tempted to join in, but I
> fear confrontation, and I'd probably end up on both sides of the
> argument anyway, debating with myself, which would mean I'd be
> arguing with an idiot.
> And the recent talk about horsepower and torque, now THAT's
> entertainment!  Who knew that physics could be such fun!  And why the
> hell do people still use the word "horsepower" anyway?  The metric
> system is the only reasonable way of measuring anything <<(pointless
> antagonism to provoke a response) 
> This forum rocks! 
> It rocks!  Bring on the spall!  (Jack Black's greasy nerdy character,
> in "the Jackal")
> Rick Gendreau, vin11472, 3x10^23 attowatts.

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