Bikini Planet DVD

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(Another weird film featuring a DeLorean...)

The Plot:
For years, crazy Professor Breasts (pronounced Briests) has been theorizing that our universe once had two more very large planets, which collided together to form the asteroid belt and one large planet which was knocked into an orbit around the sun, passing by the Earth every 1069 years. One day while the Professor and his assistant, young Billy Bigg, were looking at the galaxy, they spotted the missing planet, which they named after themselves..."Bigg Breasts"!

What strange creatures inhabit Bigg Breasts? Well, it is up to the US government to find out. So, the President of the United States (Conrad Brooks: Plan 9 from Outer Space, Dir. Ed Wood Jr.) appoints Flash Rogers, Jane Uhura, Dr. Dickey Pointer (John Bogert: Ice Scream, TaxiderME!), and Juan Carumba (introducing Juan Garcia) to journey where no man has literally gone before!

The voyage begins to the all female planet, where the girls thrive on silicone and only wear thong bikinis! But the Evil Queen Numnum (Kathy Hetch: Ice Scream) of the Kingdom of Boobalonia is stealing the much needed silicone supply and has plans to take over the Earth!  Who will rule the Kingdom of Boobalonia on "Bikini Planet"? The Evil Queen Numnum, Princess Nibbi or Jane Uhura? Find out in the Sci-Fi comedy "Bikini Planet"!

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