Backside to the Future - Parts I & II

Backside to the Future Backside to the Future II
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Now on sale by the V.R.F. (Vixen Restoration Fund)...

The nearly impossible to find Backside to the Future videos - parts I & II are now on one special DVD!  These are the only adult videos I've ever heard of featuring our favorite stainless steel wonders!  All proceeds from the sales of these videos go towards the restoration of VIN #5927.

All of these DVDs are new & sealed directly from the distributor -- they are the real deal, not cheap pirated DVDs made from the original VHS.  I'll do my Siskel & Ebert now on the films:

Part I: 
A woman gets into a DeLorean owned by her wacky-scientist husband, and travels back in time to, of course, 1969.  She meets a really groovy chick in a miniskirt, who drives an old Stingray.  They both go back to her pad and experience the best '69 has to offer. (ahem... 1969, that is!)
Lots of adult-type 'interactions' take place to the sounds of cheesy synthesizer music.  This woman really makes friends fast! But what is so familiar about her new friend's groovy pad?  And you'll never guess what happens when Ms. Miniskirt happens to sit down in the 'D'!  She's transported to the future!  A real surprise, there, eh?

The DeLorean featured appears to be an '81, with the wide side stripes..  It has been made into a time machine by the addition of what is quite obviously a pair of Radio Shack television rabbit-ears on the roof.

You'll laugh, you'll cry.  It'll inspire you with its heartwarming tale.  You'll watch it again & again.  It's better than Cats.  It's DeLightful!  It's DeLovely!  It's DeLiriously DeLorean!  Hey, what can I say... these adult videos are all about the same - but how many of them feature a DMC?

Part II:
A family buys a strange-but-wonderful car (an '81 now without the wide stripes), previously owned by a wacky-scientist guy and his wife.  His neighbors borrow their new 'D' to go for a spin, because she really 'gets into' cars... and she usually gets into the back seat!

Be careful on your trip, the owner warns, as he doesn't know what all those strange buttons do.  Did he mention that the car was previously owned by a wacky-scientist guy?  (Yes, about 10 times). The curious neighbor-woman pushes a large button that I had always thought was the cigarette lighter.  Then, as the mystical, magical sounds of a Wal-Mart toy ray gun whistle in the background, they are transported forward and backward through time to 'meet' and 'enjoy the company' of all kinds of different folks.

Will the neighbors ever find their way back home?  Is it possible to 'get personal' in a DeLorean? Why do people in the future cover all of their furniture in aluminum foil?  And why does the whole thing appear to have been filmed in an old warehouse?  These questions and many more can only be answered by purchasing this video! 

All orders are shipped in a plain envelope, with only my return address for identification.  You won't be added to any mailing lists.  No obligation, and no salesmen will call, etc., etc.  If you have any other questions, drop me a line.



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