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I think complaining and commenting about one joke from a sitcom only raises more attention, and makes us, the DeLorean owners look like a bunch of whiny babies who can't take a joke.  Let's not forget, this isn't some sort of conspiracy amongst ABC or the writers and producers of "The Goldberg's", it's just a joke.  They're looking for a punchline, not a historically accurate history lesson.  Considering the many other shows out there that have done far worse to the DeLorean marquee (Monster Garage), all I can say is, let it go.  It's us keeping this topic alive, by continuously talking about it.

And Chad, in regards to your comment about how you feel that "Back to the Future" being the true culprit of the deformation of the DeLorean and JZD; I actually find that to be a very uneducated assumption, also not to mention insulting.  There are a lot of DeLorean owners, myself included, who were introduced to the DeLorean because of "Back to the Future."  I've been a DMC-12 owner for 20 years now (and I am also a Bricklin owner), and have never once thought of converting my car into a time machine.  Perhaps you cannot disconnect the two, but I surely can, and can appreciate both separately.

Yes, I agree that there are a lot of new owners out there who purchase their cars with sole the intention of converting them into time machine replica's, and that's not something I'm a big fan of.  For one, it means less of the original DMC-12's on the road, including drilling holes into the stainless steel panels.  The other is dealing with people who don't know the difference between a replica and an original screen-used time machine, which is always a challenge when discussing with attendees at car shows and conventions.  I get it, Cadillac owners are unhappy with the fact that so many of the 1959 Miller-Meteor's are being converted into "Ghostbuster's" Ecto-1's, and there aren't very many of those cars left.  But then you have the case of Oliver and Terry Holler, who've converted their DeLorean into a time machine, and use it to raise awareness for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.  How can that not be a good thing?

You also state that the DeLorean would have been better served by being in the same boat as the Bricklin.  I don't agree with that at all.  Most people don't even know what a Bricklin is, or at least, that's been the case in my experience.  Just imagine for a moment what the DeLorean world might have been like had it not been used in the films.  Would the DeLorean community be this large and have as much enthusiasm behind it that it does?  Would there be so many different service facilities and parts resources as there are today?  It's the awareness from those films that have kept the DeLorean marquee alive and thriving.  It's like saying peanut butter sucks, and jelly is better, and should have always stayed just as jelly.  Why can't you have both, together?  Maybe it was the peanut butter than that made you a fan of jelly in the first place.

You and others may be sick of the flux capacitor jokes, but in comparison, I cannot see how.  I would rather deal with that any day of the week, rather than arguing with someone who believes that John DeLorean went to prison, or that the cars were built solely for the importation and trafficking of cocaine.

And I know for a fact that there are dozens upon dozen of DeLorean owners like myself who can appreciate and love the films, and can also be a DeLorean owner/enthusiast who appreciates and loves its own history as well.

On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 4:34 PM, <lordvadus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I agree with Jon here.  While there were some factual issues about the car; e.g. doors and frame not closing, etc. that are more offensive than the statements about JZD.  John DeLorean was arrested and charged with trafficking in cocaine on October 19, 1982.  That's a fact.  It's not pleasant for her or her family, but that doesn't make it any less true.

The show isn't that popular, so it's not going to add any misinformation that can't be corrected by saying, "arrested, but acquitted on grounds of entrapment" to those who are actually interested enough to listen.

For those who think that it's going to be some sort of black mark on the DeLorean world, it's nothing new and, technically, no real disinformation.  No silly letter-writing campaign or Facebook nagging is going to do anything but make the show MORE popular.  Besides, what would that do?  An apology wouldn't change anything and nobody would pay attention to it.

I maintain that the biggest deformation to the DeLorean and JZD is still Back to the Future.  It has made the car little more than a joke to most; hence the gas station/car show comments.  It also has spurned on dozens of owners who either destroy a good car by lazily making it into a knock-off of the movie car or give up on the car altogether when it has difficulty and spread a bad reputation about its reliability; often, not mutually exclusive.

The DeLorean would be better-served by being in the same boat as the Bricklin; maintained by a devoted fanbase who like the car for the vehicle and its history, instead of half the owners wanting to pretend that they're Doc or Marty.

-Chad Robert Krause

DeLorean # 1601 Bricklin #2645 

---In dmcnews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, <jonheese@...> wrote:

Yeah, but... umm... Nothing they said in the show was incorrect or defamatory.

I watched the show when it aired knowing nothing about it (wife wanted to see if it was any good), and when they said the line about JZD being arrested for trying to sell FBI agents cocaine, my wife looked at me preemptively and said something like, "Calm down," but I actually shrugged and said something like, "Actually, they're correct; that's exactly what happened."

I thought it was actually a better-than-average portrayal of the car than usual, when it comes to TV and movies.

I think the source of Kathryn's displeasure was the fact that the show *mentioned* JZD's drug bust at all, not that they got it wrong. I think her concerns, while valid for her universe, are beyond the realm of expectation for a mainstream national sitcom. She expects sitcom writers to avoid talking about a national news story (30 years old though it may be) just because it might upset her kids? I think she's lucky her kids made it to 8 and 11 without hearing about it, there's not a whole lot of room to complain that the streak was broken by a (admittedly crappy) TV show she just happened to be watching.

A more cynical argument might be: Why was she watching the show to begin with? The DMC-12 was on-screen for a good 5-10 minutes before the comment about JZD's drug bust, so why didn't she see that coming? Especially when the character tries to call the Delorean concierge line and gets a "number disconnected" message-- she had a good 5 seconds before the cocaine line was delivered... Surely she could see what was coming, no?


Jon Heese
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It is up to us DeLorean owner now to speak up and protest the defamation of JZD and the DeLorean motor car.

If we just "roll over" and do nothing, if we just condone the disinformation and this type of behavior. Here are things we can do:

Post a negative statement on your Facebook pages about this show and it's writers.
False information and lies are wrong and no excuse for humor.

Go to the shows website and post negative feedback.

Write the TV station that broadcast propaganda.

Write the FCC about these lies and distortions.

Write an editor comment for your local paper.

PUT a bumper sticker on your car protesting this show.



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