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[DML] Re: angle-drive

It is great to "tinker" and fix things on your own. I do it too. In
some cases it doesn't pay though. For example the angle drive. By the
time you get it apart, find and buy the parts, cobble it back together
and MAYBE get it to work, it isn't worth it except for the pure
enjoyment of being able to say "I did it myself". You may also find
that it doesn't last very long. For things like this where the venders
have gone over this ground it makes more sense to just break down and
open your wallet. It also helps if and when you sell the car, you can
say it has the "new and improved" angle drive. In any case lubricate
the cables and if the lower support for the lower cable is missing or
broken get or make one. In the case if the clutch cylinder, if you
flush the clutch and the brakes every 2 years and use Castrol GTLMA
you will find that the parts will last a long time. Preventitive
maintaince is ALWAYS cheaper then repairs and it has the benifit of
improved reliablity. If you have a steel tube to the clutch cylinder I
hope you allowed for some movement of the engine either with a hose or
a loop. In too many cases working on old cars you just can't get some
parts anymore so you HAVE to make do. On the Delorean we have the
luxury of being able to get many, if not all, of what we need with a
phone call!
David Teitelbaum
vin 10757

--- In dmcnews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "robert parker" <roberthparker@xxxx>
> Actually, my brother drilled out the back & found ANOTHER plate
behind it 
> which popped out relatively easliy. Popped it back in, then
soldered the 
> drill hole on the outer plate, & ta-daaa..... still didn't work
right. Back 
> to a drawing board? $70 to replace it.... hmmm..... with an 
> electrical engineer/tinkerer for a brother, it may very well be 

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